Your Ultimate Wine Guide to Every Occasion

Ultimate Wine Guide

Whether you are having a family gathering, a get-together party with friends, or a romantic night out, you can expect that there will always be a type of wine that will suit any occasion. With that in mind, this article aims to guide you through the decision-making process of choosing among the various wine types.

Family Gatherings and Events

Reuniting with your distant cousins, favorite aunts and uncles, and beloved grandmas and grandpas can be a particularly exciting and colorful event, which is why wines light, tropical wines would suit the easy and familiar mood perfectly. Below are some wines that would go perfectly on a family dinner table.

  • Chateau Croix De Labrie Camille Blanc Chardonnay 2017

One of the best thing about this wine is that it is simple and un-oaked, making it beginner friendly, and an easy drink for all the adults present. Its high acidity levels give it a distinct citrusy flavor, reminiscent of tropical fruits. Originating from Vin de France, this Chardonnay is a dry, medium-bodied white that is pleasant and easy to drink, perfect for relaxed and mellow conversations as you catch up with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while.

  • Dado Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Originating from the Napa Valley of California, this full-bodied red goes fantastically well with grilled meats or the flavorful dishes usually served at family reunions. Its rich, fruity flavors are likewise easy to down, making it the perfect accompaniment to a dinner feast. With its scrumptious cherry and berry flavors subtly underlined by a hint of vanilla oak, the Dado Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent match to a rich meal of red meat.

When it comes to lively events like reunions, it’s best to stick with selections that are beginner friendly, so that everyone can enjoy them. 

A Romantic Date Night

Wine has become a staple when people talk about romantic date nights. Whether you have a table for two in one of the finest restaurants in the city or you’re having a quiet night in with a home-cooked dinner, wine never fails to set the mood.

Below are some of the best wines to spice up a romantic evening with your special someone. 

  • Gabbiano Chianti DOCG 2014 

The Gabbiano Chianti DOCG 2014 is an Italian red wine with a sultry ruby coloring. It smells of sweet cherries, and a tinge of plum and red berries. In drinking this wine, you get a well-balanced palate that is full of ripe and sweet red fruit notes. The Gabbiano Chianti DOCG 2014 also consists of persistent tanning levels and an intense finish.

One of the reasons as to why you should choose this for your next romantic date is because it is smooth yet mouthwatering at the same time. It also goes well with classic date night foods like pizza, Bolognese, and lasagna.

  • Domaine De Mauperthuis Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay Les Truffieres 2016

Lovers will love the soft, refreshing flavors of this wine, which would perfectly complement a quiet evening simply spent enjoying the company of one another. This Chardonnay has a romantic apricot and peach aroma with just the right earthy tinge to complement it. Its smooth, pleasant mineral edge, and a high enough acidic level to give it a tart flavor. It pairs well with many date foods thanks to its sharp, citrusy flavor.

The Domaine De Mauperthuis Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay Les Truffieres is truly a classic French  chardonnay.

  • Beringer Merlot 2015 

If there are two words to describe the Beringer Merlot 2015 is that it is fruit-forward and plummy. This full-bodied red wine from Napa Valley, USA has high levels of acidity and an alcohol content of 14.8%, making it the perfect start to a night of romancing. It features rich flavors that are both lush and aromatic, and goes superbly well with grilled steak or any prime cut of meat. You’re guaranteed a delightful evening with a rich dinner accompanied by an even richer wine.

Date night wines should be as rich as the evening you’ve planned with your special someone. Stick with flavorful varieties that would complement your dinner, and set the mood for the romantic night ahead.

Going Out with Friends

You don’t have to have a fancy reason for drinking wine. Just hanging out with your friends or having an at-home party are reasons enough to enjoy the following wines:

  • Pepperwood Grove Merlot 2015

Pepperwood Grove Merlot 2015 is surely one of the best wines to have when you are out with your friends. Its alcohol content is around 12% to 13% with a medium body and a dry taste, making it a great companion to a flavorful pizza slice or a fresh batch of spaghetti. If sipping wine and chilling with your friends over a box of pizza and your favorite movie is your idea of a Friday night in, we highly recommend getting a bottle of Pepperwood Grove Merlot 2015 for your next hang out.

  • Ca’momi Merlot 2016

One thing is for sure: this rich red Merlot from California’s Napa Valley is guaranteed to bring life to the party. With its 13.5% alcohol content, and smooth, saucy flavors makes it an easy drink even for friends who aren’t big on liquor. It has a satisfying finish, and a richness that complements a dinner of juicy beef tenderloins or your classic American cheeseburger. Whether your friends are throwing a classy night out, or you’re simply binging on your favorite comfort foods, you won’t be remiss with a Ca’momi Merlot 2016 on your dinner table.

Hanging out with friends lets you unwind and relax after a long day or week at work, so you want your wines to be as fun and vibrant as the mood. Good thing that you can get your wine fix with just a single click from award-winning wine shops such as Wineryph.

There’s a wine for every occasion, whether it’s a lighthearted reunion with your loved ones, a romantic dinner with your special someone, or a lively night out with your best friends. The trick is to find the wine that not only sets the mood, but will complement the foods and the people present.