Why JET Hotel Lipa’s Hub & Spoke is your next culinary destination

Sizzling Bulalo
Beef Pares with Baked Bone Marrow by Hub & Spoke

Foodfindsasia.com | Why JET Hotel Lipa’s Hub & Spoke is your next culinary destination | Check out JET Hotel Lipa’s Hub & Spoke for your next gastronomic adventure in the Philippines.

People or goods can be moved to and from a central location using the “Hub and Spoke” model. Many industries have adopted this concept, despite its roots in transportation (cyclists may be familiar with it as bike parts!). Aviation is where the term is most commonly used.

Though for some travelers and Batangueno foodies, the words “hub” and “spoke” refer to something else entirely. Goto-Lomi, Beef Pares with Baked Bone Marrow, or Adobo Pasta are all foods that come to mind when you hear those two words. For some, the term Hub & Spoke is synonymous with an unforgettable dining experience in Lipa, Philippines.

Hub & Spoke, the hotel’s flagship restaurant, is located in Lipa City, Batangas. The hotel’s namesake and founder, Joselito E. Tapay, affectionately known as “JET,” was the inspiration for the hotel’s name. There are subtle references to aviation throughout JET Hotel, which bears the acronym’s name. Hub & Spoke was named after this, as well as the hotel’s interior design.

An airline hub-and-spoke model inspired the name of our restaurant,” says Joyce Tapay, Managing Director of JET Hotel. There are a number of spokes that connect various hubs to the main hub. Hosts of various functions, including mini-hubs, Sky Hubs, Barong Function Rooms, Balisong and Barako functions, and rooms for room service are all connected by Hub & Spoke, which serves as our primary hub.

Hub & Spoke, the hotel’s main dining establishment, features a diverse menu that will please even the most seasoned traveler. The Executive Chef Jom Aldover led a culinary team that created dishes from Filipino, Western, and Continental cuisines with great passion. Filipinos have a strong affinity for food, especially dishes that can bring back memories of special occasions and celebrations, says the author.

Chef Jom and his team, all from Batangas, brought these “memorable” dishes to life with their own unique twists. Through his and his Batangueno colleagues’ passion for food, they take guests on a journey of the senses through the dishes they grew up eating.

It’s hoped that both traditional Filipino and Batangueno favorites will be featured in the restaurant’s menu. The Bulalo Sandwich (Yes, sandwich.) is one of the most popular items on the menu. ) and Hub & Spoke’s Goto-Lomi, which is a fan favorite.

If you want to try Lomi or Goto in a typical Lomi house or eatery in Manila, you may want to try our Goto-Lomi instead!” Joyce Tapay is happy to share.

Our local fusions make our variety of food unique,” she continues. Baked Beef Pares are her personal favorite dish.

Hub & Spoke’s take on Beef Pares is simply irresistible, so it’s not surprising.

Sizzling Bacon Sinigang
Sizzling Bacon Sinigang

In Hub & Spoke’s al fresco dining area, one can’t help but crave dishes that both warm the body and excite the senses as one takes in the cool breeze. You could call it “innovative comfort food.”

When I think of Hub & Spoke, I think of their Soup Sizzlers. What comes to mind is a sizzling version of kare-kare, bulalo, or sinigang. Lipa, one of the Philippines’ coldest cities, is a great place to eat modern Filipino cuisine.

Hub & Spoke also offers classic Pinoy recipes for those who prefer to stick to the tried-and-true. Everything from kare-kare to Batangas Bulalo and more is made to be as comforting as possible.

Goto lomi
Goto Lomi

The rooftop deck of the hotel where Hub & Spoke’s al fresco dining is located provides guests with an elevated dining experience in more ways than one. Sizzling Bulalo (and a huge bowl of rice) on your table, with mountains and cityscape as your backdrop…is there anything better than this?

Because Hub & Spoke is so popular with diners, hotel guests, and locals alike, it’s no surprise that it is becoming a rising star in the local food scene. I recommend a short drive to this gastronomic treasure as quarantine restrictions ease.

Hub & Spoke is open from 6:00AM to 10:00PM daily and is located within JET Hotel. For inquiries and  reservations, please contact 0907 215 5466 or email foodservice.duojet@gmail.com 

JET Hotel is located at JP Laurel Highway, Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City, Batangas. For inquiries and reservations, please contact 0995 637 8426 or email fo.jethotel@gmail.com 

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