Who’s your Fatdaddy now?


Foodfindsasia.com| By: Irene Tria

When you say Hole in the Wall it means a small and simple  establishment that is not so fancy and expensive. That is why, when I had a chance to visit Marikina City, I didn’t let the chance pass of visiting this very intriguing restaurant, the Fatdaddy’s.



Located in Marikina Heights, Fatdaddy’s is literally a “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant because it is actually the garage area of the house.

Fatdaddy’s is a pet project of the Versoza siblings after the eldest son Chef Jasper and wife went to the States for a vacation. They were driven to bring an authentic smoke-grill , Texas style barbeque in the Philippines.

Chef Jasper Versoza co-owner of Fatdaddy’s


It took them eight months of research and recipe testing to achieve the authentic smoke-grill taste of barbeque. And because traditional smokers are no longer available in the market, they have to create their own.

Improvised & Customized Smoker
Improvised & Customized Smoker


This smoker is the main secret of Fatdaddy’s best selling  smoked-brisket.

Did you know that Beef Brisket is the toughest and leanest meat part of the cow?


To achieve the exact tenderness of brisket and smoke-grill taste, Texas style, Fatdaddy’s prepare their brisket by slow-smoke for 16 hours.


image (1)
Smoked Beef Brisket – Php320/100grams
rich mashed potato with a balance creamy and cheesy taste perfect for the smoked brisket

“The savory layer of fat actually melts in your mouth that will surely satisfy your authentic smoke-grill barbeque craving”.

This best-selling smoked brisket comes with bread or mashed potato or rice; your choice.

Another best-seller is their original recipe of smoked sausage that is crunchy outside but very tender inside.

image (2)
Smoked Sausage -Php 150

Fatdaddy’s started marketing through paid ads for a week (Facebook) and on Instagram and have reached 70,000 likes in a span of two weeks and  is now the most visited restaurant from north to south and even celebrities.

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Soon, Fatdaddys will have a BGC branch along Burgos Circle to cater adventurous foodie looking for authentic smoke barbeque or meat.