Where to Find the Best Pasta in Singapore


Congratulations to all the foodies out there! We nearly have eaten our way through the first half of 2018! The past 5 months have gone in speed and if you’re wondering why you’ve gotten a wee bit heavier, then let’s just put the blame on the restaurants here in the country that won’t let us focus on our diets.

One type of fare that has successfully made it to Singaporeans’s stomach is Italian cuisine, especially the very known sorts of delicious pizzas and mouth-watering bowls of pastas. People can’t easily deny their great passion for Italian foods. One major proof is the rise of many Italian restaurants here claiming to serve the best pasta in Singapore. But really, if we could name one best Italian restaurant here, what it could possibly be?

When you search for best Italian restaurant in Singapore over the net, you will face over 9,000,000 results. But you know what? You will notice that most articles would suggest that Ricciotti is one of these. And even when you personally ask Singaporeans, they will answer one restaurant – Ricciotti.

If you’re eager to know why, then I suggest you visit it now. And if you want some preview on what they offer, below is a list of some pasta meals available at Ricciotti:

Carbonara agli Asparigi

Ricciotti’s Carbonara agli Asparigi is a luscious dish of pasta with creamy carbonara and juicy asparagus! We bet you never have tasted such irresistible goodness on a plate. Never forget to see when you visit Ricciotti.

Linguine Al Granchio

Just some Linguine Al Granchio but super psyched for Epicurean tonight ❤️?

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This dish is crab meat based with tomato sauce pasta. We’re not exaggerating when we say that it’s some sort of to die for food. It comes with a depth of flavour prepared by condensing the crab steaming liquid and adding it back to the dish. This meal is sure to impress everyone who will taste it, especially if it is prepared by amazing chef at Ricciotti.

Ravioli del Plin

This dish is too good that you can easily pick it as your favorite pasta. If you’re not a fan of pasta, then this will awaken your love for pastas. And upon trying Ravioli del Pin, even let’s say you’ve been to a lot of Italian restaurants, be it from those in Italy or other restos here in SG, you would realize that there’s nothing quite like this dish from Ricciotti Italian restaurant. The mushrooms on it were tender and well-seasoned while the ravioli was stuffed with savory beef. Tip: It’s best partnered with red wine.