Where to Find the Best Chocolate Cakes & Rich Durian Cakes in Singapore?

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Cakes and desserts add a different dimension to a well-planned event. There are a wide variety of choices including the ganache, fondant, the sugar flowers, and the butter-cream. You can even customize the cakes concerning the size and flavors on offer. Thinking about an intricate piping or a tiered chocolate cake? Customize your cake from design to taste at www.temptationscakes.com.sg/best-chocolate-cake-top-durian-cake-singapore/

However, there are a few key considerations that you must keep in mind before you order. In the following section, we have listed three key questions to ask your baker before making a purchase. Let us have a look:

About the baker’s background

You need to inquire about the baker’s knowledge and experience at designing and delivering cakes. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes; from the design to the delivery, a professional bakery will never compromise on the quality of the service. Additionally, you also need to invest time in a user review and rating to better understand the popularity of the bakery. The licensing and the insurance for a baker are also necessary, and you shouldn’t forget to ask for valid papers.

Ask about the flavors

There will be a catalog at your bakery that will list all the past customizations and the flavors on offer. You can even mix and match various flavors to complete your customization. Design a cake according to the flavors and types available. You can go the gluten-free way or the completely vegan cakes depending on your requirements and availability of materials at your baker’s.

Confirm the design

Again, you need to consult the portfolio. This will allow you to look at past designs which will act as a general starting point about the experience of the bakery when it comes to customization. You can investigate and check for plagiarized ideas to make sure of the authenticity of the portfolio designs.

However, you need to keep in mind a straightforward aspect when it comes to baking. Creating a unique design always require hard work, so you need to plan and work with your baker. Chances are you are not the only customer.

But, with many bakeries flooding the market, you must be asking yourself how to get hold of the best one? Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while selecting a bakery.

  • Communicate

When you select a bakery, you need to provide as much information as possible about the venue, the event and the type of cake you require. You can even offer a flavor choice for the occasion. Discuss your options with the baker and move on to the color and design.

  • Remember it is going to take time

As was stated earlier, baking a custom cake is often time taking, and you need to give time to your baker to finish the design and baking of the cake. Do not order just a couple of days ahead of the event.

  • About the transportation

You might have designed, ordered and purchased the cake, but now it is time to think about the shipping. Often the bakery charges extra for the transportation and delivery of the dessert to the venue. Ask about the services on offer to make sure you avoid any unwelcome surprises on the day of the event.

We hope that our article helps you with your concerns regarding ordering a custom cake. All the best!