Where and How to Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday in Mumbai

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Image: pexels.com

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams where every day people migrate to this city, searching for a better livelihood, struggling through the ordeals of life to make it good in the end. Parties run in the streets of Mumbai as if blood in our veins, the city literally never sleeps. Late night clubbing, farmhouse parties, pool get together, short trips and in fact trips to Goa are the usual way of celebrating anything. From anniversaries to birthdays, all are celebrated in either of the ways. But if you want to celebrate your friend’s birthday in Mumbai with unconventional ways and a bit different yet fun ideas, here are some that you could follow and give them the time of their life on their birthday.

  • Late night coffee by Marine drive

Marine drive is the most lit and beautiful places in Mumbai at night, calm and serene as it is. People come here for long walks and heavy-hearted confessions. You can see people from all age groups coming here and taking a stroll by the drive at midnight or so. It is wonderful and worth it. Plan a late-night simple coffee by the marine drive and talk to your friend. Ask them how they’ve been, their life, if they want something, if they love what they’re doing, in depth conversations like these will make a long-lasting effect on them.

  • Dome@the intercontinental

It is a beautiful and luxury-like restaurant which stretches near the Marine drive. It gives an ultimate view of the sun settling in the Arabian sea, you can book a place there beforehand to avoid any last-minute cancellations or queue. It is a bit expensive, but totally worth it!

  • Adlabs Imagica and Aquamagica

If you and your friend are some fun loving, enthusiastic people, then who would want to spend their time in a cafe or a restaurant? Go to Imagica and experience a completely different feeling. Go back to your childhood again, laugh till it hurts your tummy, smile like it’s the only thing to do and enjoy like it’s your last day.

  • Send Flowers to Mumbai!

This may not seem like a grand idea at first but hey, we’re talking about unconventional things here and people these days have stopped doing the old school, good will things. Send flowers to Mumbai if you’re in a long-distance friendship or just send flowers to their doorstep at midnight and surprise them afterwards with a cake and gifts. You might want to order a whole room full of roses or flowers for them. Online flower delivery has never been this easy. Visit this website and you’ll see the best and top-notch quality flowers, easy to order and quicker as it is. This website will provide you with online flower delivery like no one else will.

  • NCPA Nariman Point

If your friend is a theatre lover, then you might as well plan a theatre show for them. See, you never know what might work with people and what might not, but there are somethings that you’re certain of. For example, your friend’s likes and dislikes. Do something for them on their birthday this year and make them the happiest!

You could easily follow the above-mentioned ideas well, they don’t require a lot of planning of money, they’re instantaneous and effortless. It’s just some time that you’ve to devote for these plans. Surprise your friend on their birthday with flowers at least, that is literally the simplest yet loving gift.