When odd turns great


by Irene Tria, via FoodfindsAsia.com

Two weeks ago, a picture of a mother and her child went viral on social media. The reason behind that picture was, the mother entered a pizza restaurant and tried to ask for some rice. Zlai Tabua who have captured that moment thought that she will be drive away by the guard or the staff of the restaurant. But it’s the other way around.

Her Facebook post:


Ito yung sa Shakey’s Philippines Valenzuela branch near SM Valenzuela.

July 22, 2015 around 7-8 PM

May pumasok na nanay bitbit niya yung baby niya. Nilapitan siya ng isang staff at tinanong kung anong kailangan nila. Sabi na babae kung pwede daw na makahingi sila ng kanin. Akala ko papalabasin na sila kasi baka nakakaabala pero mabait din ang guard at hinayaan na muna silang nasa loob hanggang sa balikan sila ng staff. After ng ilang minuto lumabas na yung staff ay may dalang plastic na may lamang kanin.

Good job Shakey’s Valenzuela saludo ako sa inyo.

Rough translation:

This is in Shakey’s Philippines branch near SM Valenzuela.

July 22, 2015 around 7-8 PM

A mother entered (the restaurant) carrying her baby. A staff approached her and asked what she needed. The mother asked if she could ask for some rice. I thought she will be driven away because she might be a bother but the guard was nice enough to let her stay inside until the staff gets back. After a few minutes, the staff went back bringing a plastic with rice in it.

Good job Shakey’s Valenzuela. I salute you.