When love for dogs and burgers collide


Patricia Aleckzandra | FoodFindsAsia

“One order of Husky please!”

And no… do not expect that furry, big, brown fella coming out of the kitchen because you didn’t order a dog but a mouth-watering double patty with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and onions (TLO), bacon, mushroom, jalapeno, pineapple bits, cheese sauce, cheese slice and oh-so-yummy sausages! Fun right? But that’s not it. You can also order a Pomeranian (P50), Frenchie (P85), Beagle (P110), and their Husky (P155) burger. Yes, your read it right! These are all names of burgers served in a newly opened burger joint located at Soldiers Hills Village, Putatan, Muntinlupa City. We give you The DEC’s Burger.

Owner, Deric Recio, decided to open up a burger joint that would give customers a satisfactory burger with affordable prices while enjoying both the taste and experience. The burger joint is a perfect place to hang out with your squad or simply enjoy an afternoon with your bros or sisters-by-heart.

Opened last March 15, this burger house served freshly grilled burgers with fresh ingredients that will leave you wanting more. And because the burgers are freshly made, it would be natural to wait for a fair couple of minutes. But take it from us… the wait is worth it. Every bite would simply astonish you as the tenderness of the patties and freshness of its ingredients lingers inside your mouth.

Deric’s love for dogs gave him the idea to name his burgers after man’s best friend.

The DEC’s Burger’s smallest burger is their Pomeranian which is a classic burger with TLO and a cheese slice.

Dec's Burger Pomeranian Burger

Next size would be their Frenchie served with TLO, mushroom, bacon bits and cheese sauce.

Dec's Burger Frenchie Burger

Their Beagle burger would give you the taste of meat and cheese with its classic burger plus pepperoni and cheese sauce.

The Husky would leave meat lovers craving for more with its double patty plus TLO, meat sauce, cheese sauce, bacon and cheese slice!

And their biggest burger is their Tibetan. Enjoy every ingredient for P215.

But that’s not all! If you think that you haven’t had enough of The DEC’s Burger classic, then they will offer you your very own burger. The burger house has a DIY burger named The Boss’s Burger (Because you’re the boss!) Grab a pair of bun and put everything you want – extra patties, bacon, cheese sauce, mushroom, pepperoni and more! Give your customize burger a name and indulge yourself with it!

Dec's Burger: The Boss Burger

Of course, their menu does not focus on burgers alone. They also offer French-cut fries for P35 (single) and P80 (party fries), nachos for P75 (single) and P145 (party nachos), and drinks.

If you think that ordering ala carte is not for you and still want more of The DEC’s Burger classics, then we suggest you grab their combo meals which will give you happy tummies indeed!

So what are you waiting for? Bring the barkada and head to the south of the metropolis. Enjoy your time quality time at The DEC’s Burger.