What to Include in Mother’s Day Hampers for Your Foodie Mom

What to Include in Mother's Day Hampers for Your Foodie Mom
Photo by Freddie Collins on Unsplash

FoodFindsAsia | What to Include in Mother’s Day Hampers for Your Foodie Mom | When the second Sunday of May arrives, every devoted child who dotes on their mom faces this single dilemma: what to give mom for mother’s day? Unless mother’s day falls on a different date in your country, finding a quick solution is necessary.

If you have been making a mother’s day dinner or lunch every year, maybe it’s time for a change. Thinking of what to include in your Mother’s Day hampers for your foodie mom? The first gift idea that comes to mind for moms is a home-cooked meal. Here are some unique gift ideas to consider.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


If you are looking for one healthy ingredient that people need to use every day, nothing can beat extra virgin olive oil. EVOO is currently the reigning king of cooking oil. Low on saturated fat and packed with healthy unsaturated fat, this oil has many uses.

Buy a lavish foreign variety that has great quality. A fragrant bottle of olive oil from Spain or Italy will be a great addition to your Mother’s day gift hamper. You can add some pasta, sauce, and olive, making your hamper an Italian Festa.

There is so much your mom can do with a bottle of high-quality EVOO. She can drizzle it on her salads, use it to pan-sear salmon, or even make olive oil mayo dip.


  • Expensive Wine


When it comes to giving beverages as gifts, nothing can top wine. This popular gift item is a favorite as a housewarming present or at dinner parties. 

Most Mother’s Day hampers from The Hamper Emporium or any other reliable online page include a bottle of good quality wine. This is because this luxury item is always welcome in any gift hampers.

Any mother will appreciate receiving a bottle of French Cabernet Savignon or Australian Shiraz. She might prefer a full-bodied red, as the alcohol content can help her relax. If she likes a sweeter taste, you can add a bottle of German sweet Riesling or a Canadian Vidal Blanc to her gift hamper.

Did you know that she can also use wine for skincare? Adding wine to her routine will also help her rejuvenate her skin.


  • Rare Spices


Spices have always been an expensive commodity. Even though you need to use very little of it, a bottle of spice can be more pricey than other ingredients. This is because the production and import of spices are more expensive than other food items.

Any food lover who loves to cook knows how precious spices can be. They enhance the taste and flavor of your cooking, giving you a more palatable result. This is why your food-loving mom will love to find a bottle or two of expensive spices in your gift hamper.

Some foreign recipes require rare species that are costly and hard to find. Items like saffron, hing, vanilla, and Juniper berries, are expensive. Consider adding this to your Mother’s day gift hamper.


  • Homemade Jam


Jams are an excellent gift for foodies. They can eat it as a snack. They can be spread on toast or made into sandwiches.

Store-bought jams are filled with additives and preservatives. Convenient store jams are also high in sugar.

Make the jam at home using your favorite fruits. Pay an early morning visit to the farmer’s market to get the freshest fruits.

You can adjust the amount of sugar you put in or use healthier alternatives like agave syrup or stevia. You can also buy sweet fruits so that you don’t have to add much sugar. Fill up a mason jar with jam. Tie a bow to its neck to make it look presentable.


  • Artisan Bread


There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread. If you want to add a delicious snack to your foodie gift hamper, add a loaf or baguette of freshly baked bread.

Visit any artisan bakery and take a good look at their selection. Good gourmet bakeries use fresh ingredients to make new bread every day.

Don’t opt for regular white bread. Look for something unique. Healthier options include wholewheat baguettes or rye bread. You can also consider sourdough bread, which will add a probiotic kick to your tasty loaf. You can also add bread with fillings like custard, cream, or jam.

Are you good at baking? If you consider making homemade artisan bread for your Mother’s day gift hamper, other baked goods like croissants, buns, and bagels are also great alternatives.


  • Caviar


In the food world, nothing screams luxury like caviar. You might be wondering what makes caviar so expensive and delicious. It’s primarily because of their unique taste and flavor.

Let’s not forget how nutritious caviars are. Those tiny beads of delight are packed with vital nutrients like Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, and D. It also has micronutrients like iron, calcium, and magnesium. Caviars are a rich source of omega-3 and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

If you want to add a healthful and luxurious food item, caviar is a must for your Mother’s day gift hamper. Choose high-quality caviar that doesn’t taste too salty or fishy. Quality caviar feels smooth to your tongue, each bite bringing forth a burst of oceanic flavors.


  • Premium Cheese


Is your mom a cheese lover? If so, you must add it to her gift hamper. One excellent food hamper idea is adding all the items for a charcuterie board. In that case, other than wine and cold cuts, you must add delectable cheese.

There are many types of premium cheeses to choose from. If your mom loves creamy cheese, you can include brie or chèvre in her hamper. Opt for aged Gruyere or Roquefort if she likes cheeses with intense flavor. Hard cheeses like Emmental and Cheddar are also great options.

If you are planning on also including wine in your gift hamper, choose a cheese that pairs well with wine. For example, if you add a bottle of Pinot Noir to your gift hamper, include a block of Comté with it.


  • Gourmet Chocolate


Chocolates make such versatile gifts. One box of gourmet chocolate can be an excellent gift for a lover while also an excellent corporate gift for a client! After all, what better pick-me-up than a bite of smooth and delicious chocolate.

If you want to give your mom a healthy yet indulgent treat, add a packet of chocolate-covered fruit or nut. Chocolate-covered strawberries also make a great mother’s day gift. Opt for expensive European chocolate bars or boxes.

You can also add alcohol-infused chocolate, but make sure to leave a note mentioning that. A mother with small children always finds it difficult to keep chocolates away from them. 


  • Coffee Beans


Are you arranging a hamper for a mom who loves coffee? Then, you must include some coffee beans in your gift hamper. Any mother will much desire a boost of caffeine. After all, who else needs a strong cup of coffee other than a worn-out mom? 

Make sure you choose a bag of coffee that is freshly roasted. Don’t opt for preground coffee, as it will quickly become stale and flavorless. There are so many types of coffee beans out there. If there is a particular kind of bean your mom likes, include a bag of those.

You can opt for rare coffee beans like the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans or Guatemalan El Injerto. Try including at least two different types of coffee so that your mom can try some new flavors.


  • Herbal Tea


You must include at least one packet of herbal tea in your mother’s day hamper. There is a wide range of herbal teas available in the market, and you can choose any.

If you are looking for something relaxing to calm your mom’s nerves, opt for camomile or lavender tea. Want a tea that detoxes? Choose peppermint or dandelion tea. They are mild and flavorful.

Looking for an immunity-boosting tea, go for ashwagandha or turmeric tea. They may not taste as nice, but they provide a great health boost. Want something that is healthy and tasty? Include hibiscus or rosehip tea in your mother’s day hamper. They protect people from heart disease and diabetes.


Could you find what to include in your Mother’s Day hampers for your foodie mom? If not, I hope this article has inspired you to nudge you in the right direction.

Add delicious food items that indulge your mom the way she deserves to get pampered. Luxury items like wine and caviar are a great way to satisfy any mom on mother’s day.

Photo by Freddie Collins on Unsplash