What is the employer brand and how to create it?

What is the employer brand and how to create it? How To Improve Team Efficiency and Productivity

FoodFindsAsia | What is the employer brand and how to create it? | The employer brand of a company refers to the reputation that an organization has with its collaborators, which is transmitted outside the company to position itself as a good place for professional development. It is an American concept that began in the 1970s, but has become popular over the years as it has great benefits in building a good work culture.

Employer brand goals

The main objectives of building an employer brand are to attract the best talent and generate greater commitment within the company, which translates into productivity and achievement of goals, both individual and collective.

Why build an employer brand?

Today, companies not only compete to have the best product or service, but also to create better environments and cultures that allow them to retain talent and become the best option during the recruitment and selection process. In this sense, outlining a strategy for building the employer brand becomes a crucial factor. The mission, vision, values ​​and culture of the organization must be reflected, as well as the operational processes, the way of working, the work environment and the way of managing the work teams.

Benefits of having an attractive employer brand

The main benefit of having a good employer brand is that it helps you attract the talent you are looking for, while building loyalty and motivating the staff you have; therefore, this element helps the competitiveness and growth of the company, since it reinforces the most important asset of any company: human capital.

Improves your recruitment and selection of personnel

An attractive employer brand can reduce new hire costs by up to 50 percent, as new talent tends to identify and engage more with the way they work and show a greater willingness to learn their roles. Because the value proposition is not based solely on salary, your applicants will take into account other elements for a decision; that is, even if you do not offer the highest salary you can compete and win new talent. Similarly, your employer brand allows you to access applicants who are not actively looking for a job, since you will reach them thanks to your presence and reputation in the market.

Helps retain talent

A strong and well-defined brand will position you as the company that everyone wants to work for. It also improves new hire loyalty, so staff tend to stay longer.

How to create an employer brand?

One of the best employer branding strategies is creating what’s called Employee Value Proposition (EVP) or Employee Value Proposal. The EVP is the set of benefits offered by a company to an employee in return for their work. It is linked to the vision of the organization.

An EVP maximizes a company’s ability to attract, motivate and retain its employees through a combination of 5 critical elements:




    Performance management and recognition

    Professional development and career opportunities

Identify the strength of your organization

To build an effective value proposition in your recruitment and selection processes, as well as in your efforts to retain human capital, you must identify the strengths of your organization, especially those that employees value the most. Did you get useful information? We hope so! Thank you for reading and have a great day!