What Are The Essential Clothes For A Newborn Baby?

What are the essential clothes for a newborn baby? 2020- Food Finds Asia
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Food Finds Asia| What Are The Essential Clothes For A Newborn Baby? |One of the most beautiful moments in motherhood is when you know the sex of your child, and you run to buy how many new baby clothes are coming your way. However, then you find an arsenal of gifts full of baby clothes, hats, stockings, and a long etcetera of clothes that, sadly, your little one will not be able to take advantage of because it grows very fast. In a few weeks, it will double its weight, and a year later, you will be looking for a pregnant friend who may need everything you have leftover from baby clothes.

So, in order not to overdraw the family budget, we will recalculate the expenses and cross out the possible losses due to prenatal maternal anxiety.

What should you take into account when choosing newborn baby clothes?

First of all, newborn baby cute white dresses for baby shower should be loose and comfortable. Your baby just wants to rest and get used to this new world, outside of Mommy’s womb.

So appreciate the buttons or snaps when you see baby clothing options. You have a point in your favour if you don’t have to put the outfit on and take it off over the head.

There are bodies with buttons on the diaper side to make quick changes without undressing the little one.

Four accessories you should avoid

Zippers: Newborn baby cute white dresses for baby shower should not have zippers. It can scratch the skin of your son or daughter. Also, the lump is uncomfortable. So visit the market and choose another option that fulfils the same function.

Large Appliques: Don’t go for baby clothes with oversized appliques, either. Yes, they are colorful and charming, but in their first days of life, the most convenient thing is maintaining a minimalist style.

Slim elastics: One of the worst investments, since baby clothes with thin elastics are very uncomfortable for the newborn.

Strips or laces: Finally, two other inadvisable elements when choosing clothes for newborn babies.

The 2 Extra Sizes Rule

Choosing the right size of baby clothes is a common mistake that first-time mothers make. However, you have time to invest your money wisely. Check with your pediatrician about the approximate size your son or daughter will have at birth and buy cute white dresses for baby shower two sizes above the estimate.

Why? It happens that tight baby clothes cause a rash—also heat and discomfort. So trust baggy, simple, cotton garments.  

Newborn baby clothing must be cotton.

Indeed, synthetic materials are our babies’ worst enemy. They cause allergies, rashes, rosettes, and even dermatological infections. That is why most newborn baby clothes are made of cotton.

There are two types of cotton: Premium and Organic.

You can identify the first one by stretching the garment. Premium cotton does not warp and is softer. At the same time, it is toxic-free and meets ecological standards. In any case, either option is a good purchase alternative.

Always warm

In the first weeks of life, the baby is very sensitive to changes in temperature. As their system does not yet know how to regulate themselves, parents must shelter them sufficiently.

But beware, sheltering is not suffocating. Always confirm if the newborn is hot or cold by touching her little neck or tummy. And from there, decide how much you can wear it.

For this reason, we must prioritize the purchase of warm baby clothes and accessories for the head, hands, and feet.

Tips for choosing your baby’s clothes the first days

Cleaning and care

You should also take into account the cleaning and care of these clothes. It is advisable to wash them by hand with neutral or white soap, without perfumes or additives, to guarantee the prevention of allergies.

Optimize ease

Many moms like to dress their children in cute white dresses for baby shower. You can do it, but prioritize the ease you put on and take off the garment. Wear clothes with buttons or clasps, located on the back or front. This way, you will not have to disturb the little one whenever you want to undress the garment and remove it by his head. They are also super comfortable to change the diaper.

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