Video: Jose Andres on Fast-casual Restaurants Making Sense


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What’s on Jose Andres‘ mind lately? The Spanish-born chef who is based in Washington, D.C. recently sat down with Ali Rosen from Potluck Video. In the interview he addressed a range of topics including the recent trend of fine dining chefs opening fast-casual restaurants.

Jose Andres, who is largely responsible for popularizing tapas in the United States, cited Chipotle creator Steve Ells as a major source of inspiration for this dining trend. “He was a trained chef from a great school – CIA – and it’s great to see his success.”

The chef, who recently opened a vegetable-based fast food restaurant called Beefsteak, explained why other chefs should join the fast-casual movement: “I do believe more chefs should not only be trying to feed the few but it’s a huge opportunity to feed the 9 billion people that we are going to have by the year 2050.”

Check out the rest of his enlightening interview in which he dishes on other restaurant concepts, the longevity of tapas and his insatiable creativity: