USDA Confirmed Coffee Scarcity for the Coming Years


By Gillian Fuller via

The United States Department of Agriculture apparently confirmed an imminent coffee shortage; which means that the world might be experiencing a colossal coffee scarcity.

Latest reports declared the declining supply of coffee.

The Global exports and consumption of coffee are anticipated to rise while dealing with the scarce supply.

The USDA estimates we’ll consume a record 150.1 million bags of coffee this 2016, up 600,000 from the past years. This increase in demand will lead to a deficit of up to 3.5 million bags of coffee, according to Metro.

This means that we’re going to have to produce a lot more coffee to suffice our needs.

Climate change has led a depleting production among major coffee exporters like Brazil and Indonesia. Unfortunately, we might not be able to yield as much as we need for the next coming years. Even in the countries that can still produce, a bountiful harvest is very unlikely to be achieved.

If artisan coffee continues to increase in popularity, farms will have a harder time meeting the high demand, as high-quality beans are typically grown in small batches. With less yield, these plants produce fewer beans than lower quality plants, so it’ll take a lot more work and land to meet the growing supply requirements.

All of these factors will culminate in an immense global coffee shortage.

As stated by Fox, the shortage won’t hit its peak for three to five years, but we wouldn’t change it. It’s time to start stocking up. Little by little, our environment is taking its toll for all the abusive human activities.