Unusual Uses of Pemf Devices

Unusual Uses of Pemf Device
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Unusual Uses of Pemf Devices | Chronic health conditions are often followed by a variety of symptoms which include fatigue, pain etc. The pemf mat has been found to be very effective in treating some of these symptoms.  The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a new type of treatment in which the electromagnetic field from a source is used to heal non-union fractures and many other medical conditions like depression. FDA has given approval for using this type of pemf devices for diseases like spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy etc. In this article we will be exploring the usefulness of pemf mat for various diseases and we will also be giving useful information one needs to know about this new therapeutic device.

Though research is still progressing regarding the usefulness and effectiveness of pemf mat, there are some promising results that have been deduced from the results of the research conducted so far. Some of them are discussed below.

Chronic pain in the lower back: Researchers have examined the effectiveness of using the pemf mat on a group of participants who were suffering from chronic pain in the lower back. The participants were grouped into two and were asked to do exercise after getting radiation from a pemf device and from a placebo device. After three months of exercise, it has been found that the participants in the group who exercised with a pemf mat could feel significant reduction of the pain.

Myofascial pain dysfunction:  For patients with this syndrome known as MPDS, a pemf mat is an additional treatment option. In one research program, researchers grouped 40 patients into two different groups and treated them for 8 weeks. One group was given only pain medications, whereas the other group was allowed to undergo the treatment of a pemf device also.  Results showed that the pemf mat therapy group could experience a significant increase in the mouth opening scores and a considerable decrease in the subjective pain scores also. Although the pemf device was not used alone, the experiment clearly suggests that the pemf device can be used as an adjunct treatment for this type of condition.

Cancer: Since 2019 the pemf mat has been used for various types of cancer cell cultures. Primary outcomes include sensitivity to radiation and changes in the cancer cell metabolism.  Cancer cells that are exposed to radiation have been found to show a decrease in its metabolic markers. Increased radiosensitivity also has been demonstrated by the lung, head, neck and pancreas of the cancer patients when they are exposed to radiation from a pemf device. However, as this is a newer field more research is needed to clearly establish the usefulness of pemf mat in this field. 

Osteoarthritis(OA): In another research experiment a group of 50 participants with knee osteoarthritis were subjected to the radiations coming out of a pemf mat and another group were subjected to placebo treatment followed by physiotherapy for three weeks.

 This experiment has proved beyond doubt that continued use of pemf mat along with physiotherapy can bring wonderful results in the case of patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

Fibromyalgia: From 2018, the effectiveness of the radiations from a pemf device has been studied by various research teams. In an experiment, 108 participants with fibromyalgia were subjected to radiation from a pemf mat for 12 weeks and afterwards they were subjected to similar placebo therapy too. Although no concrete evidence could be collected from this experiment regarding the effectiveness of a pemf device of fibromyalgia, several doctors and hospitals are using this method as an adjunct treatment for fibromyalgia. 

Multiple sclerosis:   From the year 2009 several investigations regarding the effectiveness of pemf mat for treating multiple sclerosis.  In a study in which 37 participants were given pemf treatment, one group was subjected to pemf treatment and the other group was given only placebo treatment. It has been found that both the groups showed some improvements in their conditions. As the improvements shown by the group which was subjected to pemf mat therapy were found to be better than the other group, physicians are prescribing this method as a supporting method for such patients