Unlocking the Secret of Sustainable Living with SUSI


By Shekinah Sabrina Colcol, FoodFindsAsia |

Going green has never been alluring since the vegetarian trend intensified in the local market over the past few years. Green-minded foodies will be pleased to hear that this plant-based restaurant in Burgos Circle at Bonifacio Global City will satisfy their taste buds beyond imagination.

“Susi” is the Filipino word for key, aligning the vision of Bianca Mabanta for sustainable living by being vegan. Coming from a family of seasoned restaurateurs, SUSI boasts of green gastronomy featuring a menu that is 100% vegan, 100% gluten-free with soy-free, sugar-free, nut-free and protein-packed dish options. There might be a slight confusion in distinguishing the different ingredients used in preparing vegan food as it seemingly imitates the carnivorous taste.


Feel the chill vibes from the niece of the infamous Chiqui Mabanta in the menu. She named her own recipes Mac & Geez (quinoa macaroni pasta and “cheese” from soy cream with carrots topped with arugula and smoked paprika), Eat Your Feelings (decadent dark chocolate-sorghum flour cake sprinkled with walnuts) and the best-seller El Chimichurri (Instagram-worthy beet burger with chimichurri, “cream cheese” pico de gallo and sweet potato wedges).

Mac and Geez, Eat Your Feelings and El Chimichurri
Mac & Geez, Eat Your Feelings and El Chimichurri

Bianca’s passion is felt in every corner of the restaurant – from the trendy, reclaimed wood look layout of the place to the logo which adorns the store and the merchandise at the little shop by the entrance. SUSI is the kind of place where its cozy couches and pillows, kitsches on the shelves and bamboo bike displayed over the staircase make you wish that you can wake up to this pocketful of sunshine every day.

Second Floor of Susi

Being a former design student who left her visual design job in Barcelona, she pursued establishing the delicatessen slash boulangerie in spite of all the mishaps, proving how much SUSI was a labor of love. People who visit the restaurant just cannot stop raveling about how it had a heartbeat. The grass is absolutely greener right here.

The grass is greener where you water it

Looks like Manila is ready for the green light. Drop by SUSI to unlock the secret of sustainable living from 11AM-10PM daily. Yummy food and sexy design. Who knew that veganism never tasted this good?

Photo Credit: Susi