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Unlimited Korean Barbeque-Food Finds Asia

FoodFindsAsia| Samgyupking Unlimited Korean Barbeque is a restaurant for serious diners. Once seated, the guests are given their welcome drink of Milk Tea (with a choice of Thai, Taro, Okinawa and Hokkaido) and then they are instructed to go to the food area to choose their meats, rice, sides and sauces.

So what’s in the food area? There are Four (4) types of Bulgogi (pork : regular and spicy, beef, and chicken; Five (5) types of skewered meats (regular and spicy pork, isaw or intestines, pig’s ears and gizzard); Five (5) kinds of balls – salmon balls, chicken balls, meat balls, fish balls and squid balls; Seven (7) side dishes – fresh corn on a cob, lettuce, buffalo wings, tempura, kimchi, egg roll, and rice; and all kinds of sauces to complement the meats and balls. Diners are also given a bowl of spicy Korean ramen to round up their meal.

Back on their tables, the wait staff puts on the hot bamboo briquettes, turns on the automated barbeque skewer and then puts the flat griller. And the guests are now ready to eat, cook and enjoy the hot-off-the-grill food. For those who would like to up their Korean dining experience, Samgyupking also offers cold bottles of Korean beers. 

Samgyupking owners

The owners, Willie Yuloque and sons, are very much hands-on in running their business, so much so that they have decided to make their own kimchi, sides, marinate all the meats and prep all the sauces in their commissary. Their vegetables are locally sourced but their meats are all imported assuring the public of their high-quality and consistency. The family used to own two (2) outdoor Samgyupking outlets in Maginhawa and E. Rodriguez. But they closed them to be able to focus their attention to their 1st mall-based store.

Samgyupking’s unli meal is priced at P499/person. It is located at the 4th floor of Fisher Mall. Store hours is from 11am to 930am. Open daily from Monday to Sunday. 





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