Unique Traits of a Person Who Loves to Cook


By Ana Margarita Olar | Foodfindsasia.com

Cooking is a very versatile activity. A person cooks for leisure, as a hobby, as an outlet for gloomy emotions, for business, and other personal reasons. For some, this is an innate talent. But for others it may be challenging. Take a look at these unique characteristics of a person who loves to cook:

  1. Passion– a cook prepares a dish because it is their passion. They prepare a dish effortlessly, whether it’s a simple or complicated menu. They enjoy the kitchen tools, mixing up of ingredients, plating the dish, and most of all; they are overwhelmed when others compliment their dish.chef-unique-traits
  1. Creativity– a person who loves to cook never runs out of an idea. Is there an upcoming event or a rushed surprise party? These things are never stressful for them. For them, the more challenging the kitchen situation is the better.
  1. Selflessness– this is true when a person truly loves what they are doing. When a person cooks, they always take into consideration the person whom they will serve the dishes. Does this person love cheese, pepper, or an extra topping? Would the person want their dish to be extra spicy, sweet, or salty? They never think of what they would like but what their customer would love.
  1. Great multi-tasker– while it is true that we should avoid multitasking as much as possible because it can lead to a disaster, a person who loves to cook can do this without a sweat. They can cook rice, fry the meat; chop the ingredients all at the same time. They can maintain grace under pressure.
  1. Curiosity– when a person who loves cooking happens to eat a new kind of dish, they are always curious about the ingredients. What could be the ingredient that gives this dish a kick? Was it lemon grass, chilli, pepper, ginger? Is there a need to boil first before frying? They are always thinking about the secret ingredient or is there any special procedure before cooking the food. They are innovative and always try to make their dish better than before.
  1. Thrifty-There is a thin line between being thrifty and being stingy when it comes to ingredients. A person who loves to cook is thrifty in terms of making sure that all the ingredients available are being used properly and nothing is wasted.
  1. Perseverance-a person who really loves cooking never gives until she arrives at the perfect combination of ingredients and flavours, the right texture of food, even the right color and the most attractive plating.