Types of bags in trend 2020

trend 2020 bags
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FoodfindsAsia.com | Types of bags in trend 2020 | No attire can look complete with you without a handbag. Carrying a handbag has become a trend today and here are some of the most popular options using Napapijri Discount Code to check out!


Although this isn’t among any of of the fashionable handbags that you get in the market, this is one of the popular bags with thick straps that people often prefer to own while on a trip. They are large sized, and one can carry it on hikes. You can carry your water bottles, cameras and clothes along with you. 

Waist bag

This waist bag has always been a popular deal for both men and women. It remains attached to your belt and thus, gives you an easy access to your bag while you are travelling. You can always carry the handy things into it, and it gives you an ease to fetch them without any hassle. 

Box clutch

If you are looking for a handy and fashionable item every time you go out, this is the one for you. These handheld bags in the form of a box go well with every attire, be it western or ethnic. These kinds of bags are very much in trend these days and anyone can take it when you are going to attend a party or some casual meeting. They come with both handles as well as with straps, so you may choose any of them that suits best for you.

Bowling bags

Young women of today’s age prefer to try something unique and out of the box. If you are one of those who won’t mind setting the trend herself, you may always go for these semi-circular bowling bags that either come with small handles or have straps. 


Men’s briefcases are the ones with hard boxes. Now, the one I am talking about is pretty similar to that. The only difference is that these women’s briefcases come with a softer leather. Also, they have round edges and you may choose to carry it along with yourself in the form of a handbag as well.

Coin purse

These are small handbags that are often used to carry the coins. They are absolutely thin and lightweight. You may carry your coins along with a few notes in it. These are mostly used for casual outings or window shopping.


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