Twisted Tea Brewing Hard Iced Tea for Refreshing

Twisted Tea Brewing Hard Iced Tea for Refreshing green-tea

Twisted Tea Brewing Hard Iced Tea for Refreshing | As the day passes and the weather becomes hotter and hotter, then there is no better time to plan for some outside refreshment and having the joy of some genuinely delicious drinks. A lot of trends are going on about twisted Tea. Nowadays, it has become an internet sensation. Everyone is searching for this Tea, trying it, and get refreshed with this fantastic drink. It is the most renowned brand.  But, if you have never tried and have no idea about this drink, then this article is especially for you. It is a non-carbonated drink with a lot of smoothness and refreshment.

What is Brewing Hard Iced Twisted Tea?

So, it is the best refreshing drink that contains just 5% alcohol. The best thing about this is that although it has alcohol, people will never get drunk by having it. And, if we talk about the ingredients, it is made with very natural ingredients like natural lemon and natural brewed Tea with a bit of twist of alcohol. The alcohol content comes from malted barley. And if we have a look at twisted tea calories, then it has just 194 calories which are easy to burn. However, you can quickly burn these calories within minutes by doing some physical activities like walking, running, or bicycling. 

Flavours of Twisted Tea:

It has a delicious, clean, and syrupy taste with a variety of incredible flavours, like

  • Twisted Tea Raspberry:

Raspberry drink is light and fruity in taste. Cold, steeped tea flavour gives you a fresh aroma that makes your day feel like summer. Best drink for any occasion. Raspberry lovers rank this flavour as five out of five stars.

  • Twisted Tea Light:

Light lemon iced tea taste has 115 calories. Best drink for BBQ nights or any party. People rank five out of five stars to this light drink.

  • Twisted Tea Bag In a Box:

This bag in a box has a Blend of select teas and all-natural flavours in them. It is a Malt-based beverage that is super tasty. In the ranking, it is also five out of five stars because it has everything in it.

  • Twisted Tea Mixed Pack:

It is a brand of hard iced Tea with all flavours present in it. Many people love to have Tea with all the flavours. This combination is the best option for them. The mixed pack is ranked as 4.6 out of five stars.

  • Twisted Tea Half and Half:

It is a mixture of half-hard iced Tea and half blended lemonade. However, it gives you fresh lemonade flavour and is not that sweet. It is primarily for a hot day. If you are about to play the game outdoor or planning to go to the beach, then this drink is a perfect kick for you. Its ranking is 4.6 out of five stars.

  • Twisted Tea Original:

Unique drink that contains real hand-blended select teas, natural lemon, and little alcoholic beverage. It is a proper iced tea with healthier ingredients. The original drink gets 4.5 out of five stars.  

  • Twisted Tea Green Citrus:

Green Tea with the fresh taste of citrus takes hard iced tea green citrus to the new level of refreshment. It got 4.5 out of five stars in ranking.

  • Twisted Tea Peach:

Naturally sweetened and gives you the taste of iced tea mixed with a bit of peach. The fruity flavour of peach gives you energizing effect. People rank peachy drink as four out of five stars.

  • These flavours are fruity, sweet, delicious, and smooth in taste. Sip your favourite flavour and enjoy the coolness and refreshment all day long.

Twisted Tea Calories and Nutrition Label:

Calories 194 calories
Total Carbohydrate 26 g
Sugars 23 g
Total Fat 0 g
Potassium 271 mg
Calcium 34 mg
Sodium 8.1 mg
Alcohol 14 g
Total Cholesterol 0 mg


Boston Beer Company:

In 2001, this Tea became the real malt-brewed hard iced Tea for refreshing and cooling your mind. Boston beer Company works hard day and night to look for the best combination of little twisted alcohol, select teas, and natural lemonade. Moreover, they also focused on that it should taste like iced tea. Many refreshing drinks have problems like they have too much alcohol in their drink or are too much sweet. But brewed hard Iced Tea is the perfect combination of alcohol and sweet.

Best drink for:

Best drink for BBQ parties, BBQ nights, and back-yard get-togethers, any trip in the afternoon, or for a sweltering day. It is a light and nice drink which is hard to ignore. People enjoy and love this Tea so much that they think that all parties or get together are incomplete without it. Have a drink of hard iced tea and enjoy the party. 

Alcohol Consumption:

Malt-beverage alcohol is present just 5% by volume in every flavour. It means it has very little alcohol or no alcohol. Particularly, Brewing hard iced Tea cools down your mind and calms your brain, and gives you a very refreshing effect.


It is available in packaging like a six-pack of bottles, twelve-pack of bottles, twelve pack of cans, eighteen-pack of cans, 24oz cans. They are open year-round. You can have it whenever you want.

Where to buy Twisted Tea Brewing Hard Iced Tea?

You can purchase it online or from any liquor store. But, you must be 21+ to purchase it. Also present on amazon or different websites or tea stores with different price tags. Prices may vary from area to area. As well as, if you are buying brewing hard iced tea online, enter your correct address and get it delivered to your door within sixty minutes without any worry. Enter the right country, valid state, and correct area. It is boom simple to get it online. Purchase it and have fun. 


Pregnant women should not take alcoholic drinks during pregnancy because it can affect their children or cause congenital disabilities. Additionally, do not have this drink if you have to drive a car or machinery to avoid any accidental injury.