Tutti Frutti, perfect for everybody


by: Jessica Mikaela Mones | Foodfindsasia.com

Yogurt is a delicious, healthy food that people enjoy whether if it is during breakfast, lunch or a snack.

Whether you are on a diet or not, yogurt can definitely increase one’s appetite.

In Western cultures, yogurt is most known as a cool dish mixed with fruits, while in Middle Eastern cultures, it is often served with meat, meat sauces and vegetables. Yogurt nowadays is no longer just a plain dessert anymore.

 A frozen yogurt or a fro-yo is the yogurt version of a soft ice cream. Fro-Yo food stalls have started gaining attention to public for it gives health benefits and delicious taste at the same time.

One of the successful Frozen Yogurt businesses in the country is Tutti Frutti, a specialized frozen yogurt café chain that originated in United States.

 Unlike the Fro-Yo’s, Tutti Frutti allows customers to have some personal touch — to make their own yogurt. Tutti Frutti offers 50 yogurt flavors and over 30 toppings to choose from. With the given good-size cup, customers can select as many yogurt flavors as they want from the multiple frozen yogurt dispensers. The customers then can proceed to a topping bar bursting with fresh fruits, nuts, syrups, candies, cereals, chocolates and other available toppings. After putting the chosen yogurt and toppings, the cup will be weighed and buyers are charged for only Php20.00 per ounce.

How to

Personalized cup of nutritious and yummy frozen yogurt enjoyed in a café setting all in one? Yes please!


Aside from the frozen yogurt, Tutti Frutti also serves desserts like crepes, cake crepes and cupcakes and; drinks like smoothies, slush’s, milk teas and organic teas that for sure you would like to try too!