Travel The World Using Softball As Your Ticket

Softball As Your Ticket

Softball is a popular sport for children to play. They often begin with T-Ball and then continue up the ladder with their age group. Those who really like the sport and show a talent for the game continue to grow. This is a responsibility that weighs on the entire family. But, there is no limit to where this can take you. For the promising few, softball can take you on an international journey and even on to represent your country is the Olympics.

Travel Ball

The first level of competition in softball is Travel Ball. Most kids are in middle school by the time they get to this level. This is also the first time the players are representing their school. Players will travel to games and tournaments outside the region. At first, they are few, and they do not disrupt your schedules too much. However, this is just the beginning.

This is a major growth time for softball players. Some are ready to quit at this point. Others started out slow, but later show great progress. Softball truly is a sport that catches you off guard.

Pay attention to how you feel about traveling and supporting the team. If your child loves it, but you are forcing yourself to go, you have some decisions to make. Basically, the schedule will pick up. That does not mean you have to be on hand 100% of the time, but you need to discuss it with friends who have kids on the team, your partner, and others who can help you keep up.

Your Commitment

You will face expenses that may be surprising. There are fees for entry, uniforms, and gear. You will invest in extra team clothing that is not part of the uniform but is very much part of the team. Teams of all ages want clothing that supports their players. You can get a good price at Move U Team – Softball Custom Team Wear.  Parents and other people who support the team should have team wear as well. This is support your child will feel every time they see the adults dressed-out.

You will face traveling expenses. Travel Ball is not a big drain as they will not often need overnight accommodations. This will change as they continue to grow with the sport.

You will contribute a lot of your time. Taking your child to games on weekends takes time away from your other duties. You will also be learning the game. You might want to invest in a softball rule book to teach you and your child what is and is not acceptable. You can balance it well, with effort and communication. Remember, your child cannot buy what he needs, or be a good member of the team without you. Allowing him to say yes to the game means you are committing to making sure he honors his commitment to the team. This is a teachable moment.

The Travel Ball circuit helps the team grow together and perform together. Soon they will be playing better than ever. As they grow, there is more opportunity to excel. High-end teams travel to tournaments every weekend. This is a great way to experience different regions. You will meet people who have been where you are right now. They will give you the low-down on what to expect. They will show you tricks to help you get through weekends that seem to go on forever. You have to love the sport to be in the sport. If your child is talented, they are well on their way by the time they hit high school.

Where can softball take you?

As we stated earlier, softball can take you all over the world. Of course your ball player will continue to compete through high school. Recruiters watch promising ball players and offer scholarships for college to further their career and education. College ball is very competitive and it must be that way, This is where pro players are born.

There are other ways to travel the world with softball. There are major amateur leagues that travel across the world to compete, you only have to choose where you want to go – whether it’s somewhere across the United States or Europe, Asia or Australia. Jimmy Jenson of Baseball Globetrotters credits the International Baseball Community for his extensive world travels.


This article gives you a wide-angle snapshot of the world of softball. You may be thinking, “I really just wanted to know if I should send some goldfish crackers with him for after his game.” But this was not an oversite. You are laying a foundation. That foundation may help your child learn to love the game and the game can take him anywhere he wants to go in life. You may choose to let him try something else. That is fine. Let him (or her) find their talent and grow it. By teaching them at a young age how to respect their team and their commitments to the team, you are teaching them how to be a responsible and thoughtful person. That is parenting at its best.