Topic ideas for research paper writing on food industry

Topic ideas for research paper writing on food industry World Markets Review

FoodFindsAsia | Topic ideas for research paper writing on food industry | Receiving an education in the food industry may be your dream. But, as all long processes, it may be daunting as well. And, of course, it may include  lot of writing tasks to complete. If you are writing an essay or a research paper, the first task is to choose topic. At this stage, some students start thinking “Maybe I should pay someone to write a paper and not make it awkward by doing it myself?”. But have no fear, writing experts are here. And we are ready to offer you some good pointers to topics you may write your essay or paper on. Below are three big field with smaller sub-field in them to inspire you.

Food safety

One of the best paper topics about food safety and education that you can use is a review of recent research and events. There have been many disturbing news stories over the past few years involving food service employees, raw meat and bacteria, and even chemical contamination in food that is distributed throughout the country. As people become more educated about the seriousness of food safety, they are also becoming more concerned about what might happen to them if they eat the wrong foods. A review of recent research can help you build a solid case for your arguments when writing a research paper about food safety and education.

Possible topics:

Is food today as safe as a hundred years before?

How can food impact health?

Common mistakes in food keeping

Food industry

If you are having trouble coming up with a research paper topic about food safety and education, consider researching the food industry itself. Food service workers are among the most likely consumers of food poisoning each year and they have been found to be a target for food borne illness outbreaks in many different parts of the country over the last couple of decades. The issue goes beyond just workers, however. School cafeterias and restaurants are also commonly targeted by food borne illness outbreaks. Reviewing past research about food safety and education can give you an inside look at the issues facing food service workers today.

Possible topics:

  • How does increasing literacy level influence the food industry?
  • Can robots replace people in restaurants?
  • How working materials change through the years?

Legislative review

There are several pieces of information you can learn from a review of the past. First, know that the food safety law has changed a great deal since it was first passed. For example, it was initially intended to focus on children but the FDA has seen the need to expand the food safety law to include adults. Because of this, the penalties for knowingly treating children with food under the age of 16 with food that is harmful or contaminated have increased dramatically, making it important for food service workers to check the food at every stage. Adults must also understand that they are not exempt from food safety laws just because they work in a restaurant.

Food service workers are expected to work in close proximity to food. They may be required to handle contaminated food and/or work within a clean and sanitary environment. While this seems like common sense, some employers do not practice the proper procedures when it comes to maintaining clean environments. Food service workers are often required to wear gloves, eye protection, and masks to avoid food-borne illnesses. In addition, they may need to use tongs to pick up plates and other utensils used for food preparation. All of this can increase the risk for food borne illness, particularly if the workers do not follow all of the safety regulations.

Possible topics:

  • How changes to law impact on the food industry?
  • Most famous sues to food corporation
  • What laws are necessary to help industry?

We hope those topics may inspire you to write your paper and make it perfect!