Top Perks To Visiting The Netherlands

visiting netherlands

Exploration has been a driving force of many people for thousands of years. Seeing new places and experiencing far away lands opens the mind to fresh, new perspectives that you can’t find in any other way.

Europe has been a global cultural hub since the colonial days of wayfaring nations for centuries. One of the most prolific nations on the continent is Netherlands.

A land of traders, canals, levies, and buildings of antiquity; Netherlands offers so much more than most know outside of the popular reasons to visit, so let’s talk about a few of them and planning your Dutch experience:


If it’s your first time visiting The Netherlands, in order to get the full dutch experience, you’ll be saving boatloads of money on a cheap connecting flight, save a little more and rent yourself a bike.

As mentioned earlier in the article, The Netherlands are very flat, making the bicycle the ideal mode of transportation to fully take in the beautiful flower fields, centuries old canals, and medieval cities that you wouldn’t be able to experience behind the drivers wheel of a car.


Did you know that the Netherlands is considered one of the best nations in the world for lovers of all things cheese?

In the north western region of holland, you can find thousands of varieties of cheeses at supermarkets, cafes, and dozens of quant little food stands where you can find local delicacies like fresh herring and smoked eels while sampling one of the many cheeses the country has to offer.


When one thinks of the Netherlands, you may think of canals, flowers, and of course, windmills.

Windmills have been a saving grace of the nation since the 17th century due to a majority of the nation sitting several meters below sea level, the ingenious engineers developed a series of channels and massive pumps to pull sea water from the coast and pumping it upland, draining the sea and creating miles and miles of new land. Thanks to the windmills and pumps, the nation has actually doubled in size in the past few hundred years.

netherlands flower fieldsThe Countryside

They say if you stand at the sea and look inward, you can see the entire country from end to end?

Why? Because it’s flat, very flat.

Thanks to the country’s unique ability to drain the sea and create brand new, fertile land at a massive rate, agriculture is one of the Netherlands largest sources of trade, specifically the farming of flowers.

The picturesque countryside is home to miles and miles of beautiful flower fields, exploding with color and life. One of the best attractions is being able to visit flower processing plants and watching how the entire industry works, from the harvesting all the way to the auction floor where flower wholesalers from all over the world bid on and buy millions of flowers daily.

Visiting The Netherlands

This is merely a fraction of what visiting the Netherlands has to offer, from the libertine culture of Amsterdam, to the worlds third largest port in Rotterdam, The Netherlands is bound to leave a lasting impression in your mind as much as it is a step in your passport.