Top 8 Pinoy Restaurants with Witty Names


By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Filipino loves to eat on every occasion: birthday, christening, wedding, graduation, passing an exam. Everything is celebrated with food. Pinoy restaurants are everywhere, catering to different events. We all know that we Filipino’s are very witty and creative even in business.

So here are some witty names of Pinoy Restos around the country:


Located at JM Loyola Street Brgy. 4, 4116 Carmona Cavite. Known for home-cooked (lutong bahay) affordable meals. This Pinoy Restaurant coined the word beky (which means gay) and log from tapsilog and the menu also uses gay language that catch a customer’s attention. Among the menus are:

Chinenes na T-Bone ( a steak), Kinyemeng Jusit (a squid adobo), Chinorvang nyisig (sisig), Nyis Fillet ( Fried Fish Fillet) Embutidey (embutido), Nyiken breast (chicken breast), and Nyiken Longga (Chicken Longanisa)

Ang Kat Tea

Tea places just like coffee shops are booming nowadays and many business owners are playing with the word tea in their business such as serenitea and Infinitea but they both sound so serious. This particular tea place chose a playful and naughty name at that!

pinoy restaurant 2

Meats and Match

Located in Pampanga, this Pinoy Restaurant provides you with an option to choose from their different meats for an affordable and sumptuous meal. And if you enjoyed their meal, tweet it and use the hashtag: #saucydito.

Tri Mo Shawarma Co.

This business name is pretty straightforward; the owner is inviting you to try their shawarma. What a simple and witty name. This is located in Quezon City and has received a lot of good reviews.

Brew Ha!

A coffee shop located in Bacolod, the name has quite a ring to it. Brew ha which sounds like bruha ( a Filipino term for witch) doesn’t intend to scare anyone, but to “bewitch” your attention and try their “Bewitching” brews.

Mang Inasar.

The recipe of Bacolod’s finest chicken inasal is the great key to the success of the resto Mani Inasal. But this small eatery uses a little humor for their name. They even have a witty proposition: Maasar ka sa Sarap. This will let you wonder how their chicken barbecue tastes like.

Cooking ng Ina Mo.

This is one of the very popular funny names among the Pinoy Restaurants. A carinderia near Mandaluyong City Hall. It even got its rival just across the street : Cooking ng Ina Mo Rin.

These are just a few of the many catchy and funny names that you can find in the Philippines. And the fun doesn’t end in restaurants you can also find other businesses with humor in their name such as Harry Cutter (a barber shop), starducks (balut wholesaler), Summa Cum Laundry (a laundry shop) among many others.