Top 7 Best Souvenirs to Bring back from Dubai

dubai | Top 7 Best Souvenirs to Bring back from Dubai | Most people like to take something with them to remind them of their journeys, look back and remember the fantastic experience they had during their vacation. Without a few souvenirs to take back to your country, a trip to Dubai is incomplete. Tourists tend to take back most presents and novelties for family, relatives and colleagues in the workplace. It’s a fun way to show how you think of them while you were away on your holiday. While many people prefer to pick up presents during the actual journey, online shopping is also a good option for those who don’t want to travel with too much luggage sets as your order will be delivered right at your door. Whether you hop into a gift shop or place your order online, there is no denying that buying souvenirs is part of the enjoyable holiday experience in Middle East’s ‘City of Gold’. Read on to know more about the top 7 best souvenirs to bring back from Dubai.

  • wanan_datesOrganic Dates 


A natural source of protein, potassium, iron, and calcium, among other things, dates are an integral part of the Middle Eastern culture. Known to feature a plethora of health benefits, dates are also instant energy boosters. Get 100% organic gourmet dates from Bateel. They offer more than 20 types of premium date varieties, available at boutiques across Dubai shopping malls, Duty-free and also through online channels

  • Camel Milk Chocolate

camel milk chocolateCamel milk chocolate in Dubai is a real home-grown delicacy. Only one company in Dubai manufactures it – Al Nassma. The best chocolate-making practices are mixed with smooth, nutritious camel milk for a decadent and luxurious treat. Available in 5 different varieties, you can buy it at select malls, hotels and Duty-free shops. 

  • Exotic Spices 

exotic spicesIf you want to take Dubai’s flavours back to your home country, then get some some spices from the popular Spice Souk. This spice haven offers popular spices as well as rare ones which you can barely spot anywhere else in the UAE. The strong aromas ensure the quality of their stock.  

  • Qahwa Coffee Set 

midas_qahwa_setMiddle East has a long-standing tradition of producing the Arabic coffee called Qahwa. This low caffeine coffee has finely balanced flavours and is commonly consumed with something sweet to nibble on, like dates. To get the complete traditional experience, get a gift set complete with the coffee pot called ‘dallah’ and small handle-less cups.

  • Oud 

OudOud is a luxurious aromatic oil derived from agarwood resin. This fascinating scent is available in the form of pure oil, mixed oil and other floral oils as well as perfume. Designed to be applied on your wrists and clothes, the strong oil leaves behind a trail of exotic fragrance. Ajmal has a great collection of Oud fragrances available at their store as well as online. 

  • Gold Jewellery 

dubai jewelryGold may be the ultimate souvenir to bring back from Dubai as the city is famous for its large Gold Souk. Such gift is sure to be appreciated and cherished by the special people in your life like your spouse or immediate family.

  • Arabic Calligraphy Art 

Islamic-CaligraphyCombining traditional Arabic calligraphy with art gives a superb result in the form of decorative art pieces apt for gifting as well as adorning your home. Gallery One is a great place to look for attractive calligraphy art and prints as well as geometric designs and tasteful images of the Emirates.