Tips to Create the Perfect Home Bar

Home Bar

So, finally you have moved into your own house, and it’s time that you turn that long-lost dream of owning a home bar into a reality. But before that, you must know that a home bar is not just a place to store all your premium liquor brands, it is much more than that. Your home bar will reflect your personality and preferences as a bibulous. So, if you are ready for the next step, read this guide to create the perfect home bar.

Start Slow

If you don’t already own a few spirits, don’t rush and buy everything you see. Start slow and pick 3 or 4 spirits that you like. You can buy premium liquor brands at a later stage. Our advice is to not go bonkers over buying alcohol and blowing the entire paycheck in buying stuff you have never tried. Buy alcohol you’ll consume and share with your friends, not those that will stay there unused for years to come. Premium brands like Hermes Distillery have a wide range that is sure to find a place in your collection.

Buy a Few Basic Mixers

You will need them, and you will need them a lot. And again, buy mixers that you personally enjoy mixing with popular liquor brands. Soda, cranberry juice and cola top the list, while orange juice, tonic water and juices of different flavours are some of the basics that are a must-have. These mixers are taste enhancers and come handy when you don’t want to take the ‘on the rocks’ route. So, be sure of stocking a few mixers for occasions like these.

Invest in a Few Basic Tools

To be the perfect bartender, you must invest in a few basic tools that make the process of creating cocktails and mixers leisurely.

  • A shaker – it makes cocktail preparation a cakewalk
  • A serrated blade knife for cutting garnishing elements
  • A cutting board – don’t use this one in the kitchen
  • An alcohol measuring apparatus
  • Easy to clean glass bottles to store juices and mixers
  • Wine key and bottle opener
  • Liquor pourer – because alcohol should never be wasted
  • A set of towels – because bartending is a sticky business
  • A few accessories like mini umbrellas and twisted straws to make your mixes look appealing and your bartending skills professional

Some Basic Glassware

Any home bar is incomplete without the right glasses to serve your guests. Pint, wine and lowball glasses top the list. These three are so versatile that they can quickly cover up for others when it comes to serving your guests. You can invest in coup, martini, and highball glasses at a later stage. However, if you want, you can buy a few shot glasses in the beginning or make use of those you bought while travelling to different countries around the globe. Souvenir shot glasses are a great conversation starter as well.

A Few Cocktail Books

To show off your bartending skills, you must have a few cocktail books handy. These books will surely come to use when hosting a party or unwinding after a long day at work. Sure, you can Google the recipe or ask your phone’s assistant to do that for you, but, trust us, the charm lies in flipping the pages, looking at the images and then preparing the perfect cocktail. If nothing else, these books will become a part of your home bar décor, and you will easily be able to impress a few special ones at a party.

Take cues from these tips, and we are sure you will be able to set up the perfect bar at your home. Also, don’t hesitate from starting off small. As and when you get better at hosting, you can always think of an expansion. As long as you have the basics right, you will always be your neighbour’s favourite bartender, and your place will become the go-to destination for all your friends.