Things to look for buying a food truck


Teresa Fernandez, Foodfinds Asia |  The food business is one of the most profitable businesses at these days. The new innovation in the food can take your business to the highest pick of profitability. Setting up a roadside café or restaurant have become old ideas already. If you want to do something new, you can buy a food truck. You can take your food truck to anywhere anytime. It provides many of benefits to the food owner and the food enthusiasts also. You can get a serving station and the food kitchen all in one in your food truck. Few things you need to know before buying a food truck are given below-

You have to take permission from the authority

Before buying a food truck, you need to get a road permission from the authority. The rules and regulations of moving car or trucks vary from country to country. After being sure about the rules and regulations of the concerned authority, you need to focus on buying the truck. You can start with any type of truck. But the truck should be spacious and functional enough. It should provide you many facilities for cooking and store things. Yet, there can be certain rules on buying specific types of the truck to run your food business. Along with road permission, you also need to take license to conduct the business.

Choosing the food truck

Choosing the food truck is one of the most challenging tasks of the whole business. You can buy a new truck or the second hand truck. If you want to new and high end truck, you will need to have a good amount of investment for that. But buying a new truck, you can be tension free for a long time. If you intend to do long-term business, a new food truck will provide you superb service for many years. If you have low investment, you can go for the cheap truck option. But it may cost you more in the long term. You may have to spend a lot of money for repairing it on a regular basis.

No matter you are buying a new truck or the old one, it should be highly functional. You need to consider your product before choosing the truck. The number of food item you want to sell is an important factor to consider before buying a truck. If you are selling fast food, you might not need bigger space as all the food are readymade for preparing fast food. Again, if you are making any food which needs a lot of time to prepare and much space, you need to buy a big truck for that.

Getting a customized truck

You won’t get a readymade food truck anywhere. You have to order it with the necessary customized options. You might need to have 4 stoves, fryers, freezes, oven, grill machine, etc. on your truck. According to your need, you have to make separate spaces for all these things. There should be also ample of spaces for cutting, moving and storing things of course. How your food truck will come out will be depended on your instruction and design.

Maintenance of the truck

After buying the truck, you have to concentrate on the regular maintenance of the truck. The truck should be cleaned every day. You should maintain the hygiene of the food keeping the cooking station of your truck. After your working hour, you have to clean the exterior and interior parts of the truck. For the cold climate, you have to use the car cover for snow. It will keep your truck safe from the bad weather condition. The truck should be loaded with the fuel every day for the smooth operation.

So, you should keep in mind these things before buying a food truck.