The Utility Of Sprayer In Kitchen Sink Faucets

The Utility Of Sprayer In Kitchen Sink Faucets 2020 - Food Finds Asia

Food Finds Asia| The Utility Of Sprayer In Kitchen Sink Faucets |When you conceptualize the interiors of a kitchen, the excitement of bringing a new refrigerator, a gas range, and other appliances can run through your veins. If your kitchen has been remodeled by A+ Construction & Remodeling, you’d be doubly excited of the excellent results of their job.

You can feel them be a part of your home even before they arrive at your place. While they are critical, people often forget to attach due importance to the real heroes of their cooking area – the sink and, more specifically, its partner for life – a faucet. You reach out to the tap for washing fruits and veggies, rinsing grains, and cleaning pots and pans. A large part of your daily chores depends on this.

After bearing the neglect for so long, the kitchen sink faucets are now having a moment. The designs have evolved, making this powerful little appliance more aesthetically presentable and highly functional.

The evidence of this is the introduction of a kitchen faucet with sprayer. You get pullout sprayer, pull-down sprayer, side sprayer, and others. These are some of the latest features to explore at hardware shops and get inspired to quickly upgrade your old kitchen.

Exploring different types of faucet sprayers

A pull-down faucet comes with a spray hose connected to its neck. You can pull the tip of the spigot to use its sprayer functionality; this design is well-known for its curves and ergonomic highlights. It comes in handy to wash away any dirt and grime from the produce.

At the same time, a 360-degree spout motion ensures you can keep even the awkward corners of your sink spick and span. If you are into lots of cooking and cleaning, you can admire and rely on it more. Plus, the long neck of the faucet allows you to fill water in pans and pots comfortably.

A pullout faucet features a sprayer that extends from its nozzle. You can go through any modern or conventional design to find this to be a constant. These faucets tend to be smaller in size and come equipped with one handle in most cases.

In this model, you get the flexibility to move sprayer outside the four corners of the sink. You have to pull the faucet’s neck and hold it like a traditional sprayer to perform your chore.

Other than these, you can opt for an additional spray nozzle by installing a spray hose in an empty sinkhole to one corner of the faucet. For making this work, you have to slide the sprayer hose through the hole and connect it with the water diverter from below the sink.

You can achieve this with the help of a couple of pliers. However, it takes a bit of extra effort and space also. 

If you examine these choices from close quarters, a pull-down kitchen sink faucet with a sprayer can seem versatile and flexible. The main reason for this is its thoughtful design – the high curved neck with the attached spray head that extends and moves 360 degrees effortlessly.

A quick look into the sprayer function in pull-down faucets

If you go back in time, you will realize that the sink sprayer mainly came with only one functional setting. As a home cook, you did not have many options to make it more useful. However, this scene has changed today.

You get different spray settings to perform individual tasks. For instance, the aerator in the sprayer gives out the soft flow of the water to be gentle on your fruits and veggies. However, it is strong enough to dislocate any dirt and grime sitting on it.

When it comes to washing a dirty sink or dish, you cannot achieve your goal with a soft stream. The water has to come out in a powerful force to remove the stubborn stains. For this, you have to switch to the full spray mode.

Nowadays, some brands go the extra mile to make it more feature-rich. But it can be complicated for a user who doesn’t want to overthink how to use it. For the person, ease of use and goal fulfillment remains the priority.

If you identify with this group, then a simple pull-down faucet with an aerated stream and spray technology can be the best bet. The utility of aerated stream is dominant in two areas – first, it runs a smooth and soft flow of water, reducing the risk of splashing that is common with hard-hitting water streams. Secondly, it stops water wastage without compromising with the required pressure.

In online stores, you get quite an exciting range of faucets with sprayers. Of them, examining the pull-down versions can be particularly impressive. If you don’t want to spend your energy on maintenance and cleaning, you can choose a spot-free stainless steel kitchen sink faucet. It can resist water spots and smudges easily. You will not have to wipe it every time after using it to keep its clean look intact.

Just make sure you pay attention to its spray hose. It should come and go to the faucet smoothly, causing as little wear and tear as possible to the spout.

Otherwise, you can struggle with it. For this specific reason, it will be better to select trusted brands that manufacture high-end hardware products. You will not have to worry about the investment you made. 

Many of these models come with single handles. With one lever, you can adjust water flow and temperature. If you have been using only this design in your kitchen, you will not need to make any effort to become comfortable with this feature.

The moment you install it, you can go ahead with your tasks. However, if you have a double handle faucet, then it will be better to ask yourself first whether you are ready to transition from this age-old habit. It should not be a problem if you are mentally prepared for this change. Otherwise, you may have to try to acclimatize yourself to this.

Anyway, you can check kitchen sink faucets with spray functions online for an idea. The features and architectural appeal can leave you amazed at the varieties.