The Rising Korean Culture Popularity: 5 Fascinating Facts

The Rising Korean Culture Popularity: 5 Fascinating Facts
Photo by Johen Redman on Unsplash

FoodFindsAsia | The Rising Korean Culture Popularity: 5 Fascinating Facts | South Korea has been taking the world by storm. Their rich culture has put the country on the world map, getting more tourists and social media influencers fascinated by the authentic Korean experience. 

South Korea has been a rising country in terms of culture and economy in the past decades. They went from rock bottom to the worldwide pedestal they’re on right now. When you think of different elements of culture, such as food, art, and education, Korea has so much to offer. 

To dig deeper, here are five fascinating facts about the rising Korean culture’s popularity:


Culture Revolves Around Food 


Saying food is a huge part of Korean culture is an understatement. Korean food is a whole experience. Social events typically revolve around a variety of delicious and hearty meals. 

One of the most famous Korean foods is fried chicken. While this seems Western, the country has made its original take. Korean fried chicken is at different levels in flavor, juiciness, and crunch, and is often paired with Korean beer. Thus, the term ‘chimaek’ (chicken and maekju) is created.

Another great Korean food experience is barbecue. When you visit Korea, you can see different restaurants where the meat is cooked right in the middle of your table. You’re also given a variety of sauces and side dishes, including the world-famous kimchi. For most ‘samgyeopsal’ (grilled pork belly) places, you can also drink soju—the world’s top-selling alcohol.

Learning simple terms in Korean language should be one of your preparations when visiting Korea. It would be useful for asking directions, getting restaurant recommendations, and ordering food. It’s also the best way to communicate with the locals.

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They Value Education 


Education is the primary key to a stronger economy and empowered citizens, and South Korea has taken it seriously. Their education system is one of the best in the world. 

If you’ve been watching some Korean drama series, you’ve probably seen a depiction of how students work so hard to pass the College Scholastic Aptitude Test (CSAT). Due to the pressure of getting into the top universities, Korean students would often attend review centers right after school until late at night. 

The Korean CSAT is the exam that can stop the country’s traffic. Even the planes will stay grounded so as not to create noises. It’s a huge deal for the students and their parents, who would pray for their children’s success. 


High Regard For Beauty 


Korea has a different standard of beauty. They’re famous for their ‘no makeup makeup look,’ with good skincare products as the base. When you see celebrities, men and women have porcelain-like, dewy skin and pink lips. 

South Korea has high regard for beauty. This is backed by research done in 2020 about the rapid increase of people undergoing cosmetic surgery and its correlation to self-esteem. Setting beauty standards so high has been affecting teenagers’ and adults’ self-confidence. 

Aside from cosmetic surgeries, South Korea is also famous for its skincare and makeup products. They’re meticulous in getting the right ingredients for specific skin types and issues. Plus, most of their makeup is infused with skincare ingredients that can make you look youthful and radiant at any age.


Worldclass Entertainment 


South Korea has been dominating the entertainment industry for the past decade. The rise of K-Pop groups, TV series, and films has shifted the spotlight to the country. 

Korea is a powerhouse of pop stars. Their artists, actors, singers, and dancers undergo years of training to develop their talents and showcase them on world stages. Now, big groups and individual artists can fill up stadiums during their concerts. 

For the TV and film industry, Korea also takes things seriously. While they’ve been famous for their romantic drama series, they’ve now proven that they’re versatile. Squid Game is one of the most-watched shows of 2021 and has influenced the Halloween celebration worldwide. In 2020, Parasite became the first South Korean film to win Best Picture in the Academy Awards. 


They Dominate Esports 


South Korea dominates the world of Esports. Gaming has been a popular hobby among teenagers. It eventually grew larger as they started hosting world Esports championship events. 

South Korea is among the world’s largest markets for video games. When you visit the country, you can see several computer game rooms and cafes, also known as ‘PC bangs.’ They even have stadiums solely dedicated to Esports, like The Nexon Arena in Seoul. Their passion for technology and gaming has earned them the title of Esports capital of the world. 

Some of the biggest games in Korea are League of Legends, PUBG, Overwatch, Starcraft, and Arena of Valor. The gaming culture in this country is expected to grow as huge Esports events resume after the pandemic. 


South Korea has a rich culture that fascinates the world. If you’re looking for a next trip destination, Korea should be on top of your list.