The Inspiring Culinary Journey of Chef Jonvic

Chef Jonvic Mangibin and the Kitchen Kings

By Jovelle Hannah Salvador | Foodfindsasia

Being a chef is not an easy job. It requires patience, skills, knowledge, and passion. Learn from the success story of Chef Jonvic who excels both as a cook and restaurateur.

Chef Jonvic Mangibin started his journey when he was just  15 years old. He was the youngest among his classmates in CCA (Center for Culinary Arts) that time. There are 68 of them in the class, but only  17 graduated.

During his first year in the culinary, he felt that the industry’s not meant for him. He’s not topping his class, he lack focus but that didn’t stop him to strive harder. He realized that he’s indeed lucky to figure out his passion at such a young age. After graduation, he was only 17, he went from restaurants to restaurants to look for a job. Unfortunately, no one hire him because he’s under age. Until one restaurant hired him as a dishwasher. Because of perseverance and hard work, he became the cook, as what he have dreamt.

Today, despite being successful, Chef Jonvic aims to create opportunities not only for his self, but his friends, family, and other people.

One of the companies he own is Fresh Fuel. Fresh fuel sells food for athletes and people who are living an active lifestyle. They deliver organic food into your doorstep. The food that they offer is crafted to suit the need of their customer. Allergies, preferences, likes and dislikes of the customer will be taken into consideration. The basic meal costs 2500 a week. He is hands on with other restaurants he owns. Together with his partners, they make the decisions about even the smallest details.

(c) chef jonvic mangibin
(c) chef jonvic mangibin

When asked what is the hardest decision he made, he quipped:

It’s not about profit but the hardest thing is working with people. Having to juggle a good friendship when you are at work is hard.

He is hands on with other restaurants he owns: (Lola Cafe and Liberty). Together with his partners, they make the decisions about even the smallest details.

(c) chef jonvic -Liberty