The Best Boutique Hotels In Asia When Visiting For Cultural Experiences

Best Boutique Hotel

Some boutique hotels have an authentic look that reflects the lifestyle of the host country. They have a distinct personality that exemplifies the country’s culture through the architecture of the hotel including its amenities and accessories.

Staying in boutique hotels could widen your insights about different nationalities and their culture, which will make you fascinated by their civilization and perception. If you’re interested in staying at a boutique hotel, below are some of the best boutique hotels in Asia that mirror the culture of some Asian countries:


  • Mojo Nomad, Hong Kong


Mojo Nomad is a great place to stay for any digital nomad. This hotel provides micro rooms which are not only comfortable, but beautiful as well. This hotel provides high speed Wi-Fi and have unique sleeping areas that can accommodate for a small to medium size number of guests. Each room provides great storage options for any visitor. They also provide an option for booking small, medium, large rooms or extra large rooms for added convenience depending on your stay. They also contain a restaurant within Mojo Nomad central which is great for those who need a bite to eat without travelling too far.

  • Beniya, Makayu, Kanazawa, Japan

Have an authentic Japanese experience in this boutique hotel that features bedrooms with a bamboo-floored sitting area and the traditional (straw) mat. Also, it has a low table for drinking tea and rattan chairs, which are the traditional furnishings of the Japanese. You could also eat like the Japanese kaiseki style, that is the multi-course Japanese dinner.  Also, enjoy other amenities such as a spa bath, and a Japanese garden, among others.

  • Aqua Mekong, Mekong, Cambodia

Aqua Mekong is a luxury cruiser that is inspired by traditional Khmer and Vietnamese building styles. It’s located in between the Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City. The hotel is made from materials such as dark patinated leather, wood, and woven textiles that could be found along the Mekong. Enjoy the pool that is located just at the front of the upper deck overlooking the river.

  • Amanfayun, Hangzhou, China

Amanfayun hotel has romantic rooms decorated with intricate carvings. What makes this unique is its ancient Chinese bathhouse and its access to temples and a monastery. It has 46 rooms, suites, and villas that reflect the history and architecture of China and is incorporated with a contemporary design. The hotel has tea houses and serves vegetarian dishes.

  • Amanpulo, Pamalican Island, Philippines

Amanpulo is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of  Pamalican Island in the Philippines. Its rooms are designed and inspired by the native Bahay Kubo dwelling, which is the national house of the Philippines. They are constructed from timber frames with a pitched roof with a thatch finish. What is more exciting in this place is the luscious waters of the beaches. You could swim and dive in the crystal-clear seas and enjoy a few water sports.

  • Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand

The Amanpuri boutique hotel displays the traditional Thai architecture with its distinctive pointed roofs and fine wood interiors. It is also arrayed with original artworks accented with custom-crafted furniture. The ambiance is peaceful and relaxing. You’ll also enjoy its amenities such as a private beach, diving school, art gallery, library, gym, tennis courts, and watersports, among others.

  • Capella Singapore

Capella hotel is a blend of the old and colonial style with a touch of contemporary. It’s a luxurious boutique hotel situated on the Southern Sentosa Island. Its amenities include a spa, library, pool, business center, sculpture garden, and a 24-hour fitness center.

  • Amankura Bumthang Lodge, Bhutan

Amankura is situated in Bumthang, which is considered the ancient district. This is the most historic and holy location in Bhutan. It is arrayed with sacred sites and ancient temples. The hotel is ideal for having a peaceful retreat. It features a cedar-scented spa with treatments using local herbs, mountain honey, hot stones, yogurt and fresh oranges for facial treatments. You may choose any of its beautiful rooms that have the same designs and layout.


Spend your holidays in Asia and stay in these best boutique hotels that are accented with each of their own culture. The total experience is worthwhile and certainly impressive, and whether you’re travelling as a digital nomad, or you’re traveling for pleasure or work, you’ll be able to find the perfect hotel for your individual needs.