The Benefits of a Keto Diet

The Benefits of a Keto Diet
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash | The Benefits of a Keto Diet | Some people like to call the Keto diet a modern “fad”, but we cannot agree on that label. Yes, it’s true that in the last couple of years Keto is everywhere and is highly promoted by many celebrities and influencers. However, the Keto dieting concept is not new. Find out some fun facts about Keto here.

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet, a principle that was used in medicine from the beginning of the 20th century. It was an alternative, non-mainstream fasting which demonstrated success with epilepsy therapy, diabetes and obesity.

Why is a Keto Diet a Good Choice?

Up until recently, the low-carb diet concept was suppressed by the popular belief – “fats are bad for the body”. However, this is not valid due to the fact that not all fats that you consume are harmful. On the contrary, unsaturated fats are very beneficial.

Fats and fatty acids are involved in cell building – the membrane of every cell is made up of double phospholipid layer. LIPIDs = fats. Fats can also serve as energy for the body. That is exactly what is happening when you are practicing a Keto diet. Moreover, science says that using fats as a fuel is very beneficial for your body. Let’s see why.

The Ketosis State

Our body uses glucose as a primary source of energy. Glucose is a product of the carbohydrates. When we eat food that is high in carbs our body instantly converts it into glucose and use it as a fuel. However, when we lower the carbs intake to a minimum the body turns to other sources in order to produce energy.

Fats. Fats are a good alternative the body uses when lacking glucose. It immediately turns to stored fats and it converts them to fatty-acids and then to ketones. Those ketones are used as energy for every cell in the body. This is why we call it a Keto diet. Once you start practicing it, your body enters into the Ketosis state- meaning using ketones as the only source of fuel.

Keto is Great for Weight Loss

Keto is a simple equation when it comes to losing weight:

  •  When your body lacks carbohydrates to use them as an energy source, it enters the state of ketosis. The ketosis state means your body uses ketones as fuel. Therefore, the body turns to stored and use it as a primal source of energy and consequently so, you are slowly losing weight.

Used as a treatment for obesity, Keto is still a great way to lose weight.  The restriction of carbs sure shows results in the long run. Moreover, people state that it is easy to stick to the Keto regime. You can eat a lot of tasty food and the cravings are minimal.

Keto shakes are also a much-loved product these days as they are healthy, tasty and on the go food. Keto shakes are a great way to maintain the Keto diet if you have a busy lifestyle.

Keto is Great for Your Mental Health.

The popularity of Keto triggered new researches on the psychological effect that this diet has on a person. It is not unknown that a diet affects greatly not only the physical but also the psychological health of a human. Therefore, scientists are confirming that Keto is very beneficial for good brain health and psychological state. Moreover, it also helps in easing the symptoms of some mild to severe disorders.

Once your body uses only ketones as fuel, they become an energy source for the brain also. Some researchers have come across the discovery of how ketone levels affect brain cells. Moreover, they react very well when a bigger portion of energy comes from ketones rather than glucose.

Ketones increase the production of GABA neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters are responsible for:

When it comes to GABA there are several psychological effects directly associated with the amount of neurotransmitters present:

  •         Better focus
  •         “Feel good” state
  •         Lowered anxiety levels
  •         Reduced stress

Scientific evidence show that most of the psychological disorders are linked to dysfunctional GABA activity in the brain. Therefore, practicing a Keto diet can reduce the symptoms of any psychological disorders and prevent further developments.