The Basics of Creating a Cozy Home

The Basics of Creating a Cozy Home | The Basics of Creating a Cozy Home | Seeing as how we’ve all been spending much more time at home lately, it’s important to have a living space that is comfy. If you’re not sure how to up the comfort levels of your lovely abode, keep on reading for some essentials when it comes to creating a home that will allow you to relax and feel cozy.

Introduce soft lighting

The lighting plays a crucial role when creating a cozy home. First, you should assess the current lighting situation. How many light sources do you have in a room? Install as many fixtures as you can in order to layer the lights and avoid harsh overhead lighting. Placing a few table and floor lamps in the living room and bedrooms will help create a soothing atmosphere. Do the bulbs emit a warm or cool glow? Warm-toned LED bulbs will make the room appear much cozier and if you have a dimmer switch, you can also adjust the lights to fit your mood. Plus, candles and a fireplace can always give you the necessary warmth.

Pick a warm color scheme

A warm color scheme will also help boost the coziness of your home. Start by painting the walls in a neutral color such as off-white, beige, gray, or some wooden tone as they are commonly linked to comfort. However, you can also opt for something bolder like mustard yellow, rich red, soft blue, or tangerine. Other than the walls, you should also choose furniture and accent pieces in shades that invoke the same feeling of coziness.

Use warm metals

Something else to think about is the type of metals you use for decorating your space. Warm metals like brass, bronze, copper, and rose gold do an amazing job of cozying up a home. If you believe your bathroom looks too cold and sterile, you can instantly transform the room by replacing all hardware pieces including faucets, lighting fixtures, and towel holders with models made from one of the warm metals listed above. On the other hand, you can also warm up your kitchen by getting antique copper pots and displaying them on a wall.

Get cozy furniture

In order to feel cozy, you need comfortable furniture in your home. If you’ve noticed that some pieces are not pleasant for long reading or binging sessions, it’s time to get rid of them and purchase something better. Maybe you think a new sectional in the living room would benefit the entire family. On the other hand, maybe your reading nook needs a new armchair. In certain cases, you don’t even need entirely new pieces, you just need to equip them with some throw pillows and blankets. To make your living room cozier, you can simply get a new sofa cover that is much softer and warmer.

Upgrade your bed

Of course, we cannot overlook the bedroom when talking about coziness. From lighting to the color scheme, there are many things you can do in the bedroom. However, it’s for the best to focus on the bed. You can get a new mattress and pillow to ensure you get a good night’s sleep every single night. Then, you can look into cotton quilt covers that fit your bed and up not only the coziness factor but also the visual appeal of the bed. What is more, you can also consider adding a headboard to the bed as that can tie the role room together.

Add rugs for warmth

Speaking of tying the room together, you should also get plenty of rugs. When it comes to the bedroom, you can get a larger one that will cover the center of the room and two smaller ones that you can put on each side of the bed. You can also layer the smaller ones over the big one as that will only add to the coziness. Do something similar in the living room as well, especially if you don’t have radiant floor heating. You can even add a smaller fluffy rug to the bathroom in addition to a soft bathmat.

Incorporate wood elements

To make your home look rich and inviting, you should incorporate some wood elements. If you have hardwood floors, that might be all you need to create this effect. On the other hand, adding more items can’t hurt either. For example, you can create a wood statement wall from real wood or find tiles or wallpaper that mimic the look. Then, from coffee tables to bookshelves, there are many other pieces you can use to create a welcoming space.

Bring in greenery

Many people feel at ease when surrounded by nature. If you share this sentiment, you should also work on bringing in as much greenery as possible. With such a variety of houseplants available, it should not be difficult to find a few that you can add to your home. Not only will plants relieve stress and anxiety, they will also upgrade your décor.

Rely on natural materials, soft textures, and warm colors when creating a cozy home and you can’t go wrong.

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