The Art of Italian Service


This is the type of service that allows the chef to be really creative, the dish is assembled and portioned in the kitchen and placed in front of each guest. It is particularly suited to meat and fish dishes, accompanied by sauces and vegetables, as well as dishes that are eaten cold, such as starters or desserts which may be prepared in advance and taken to the table at the last minute.

This type of service is also recommended when table space is limited. The disadvantage of Italian service is that it requires additional help in the kitchen: while one person prepares the plates, someone else is needed to take them quickly to the table. This is because the general rule is that no guest should be made to wait, and that as far as possible everyone should be served at the same time.

Remember : you can go to town with decorative effects but the rule is that everything on the plate has to be eaten.

via FDL