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Food Finds Asia | Stevia Sweetener for Pastry Shops by GIDC Philippines | Filipinos are early birds due to the nature of their work and also to prevent the morning rush. To prevent them from getting hungry during their commuting, Filipinos often passing through the panaderia to buy pandesal. You might be wonder what a panaderia is. Panaderia is the equivalent of a bakery or pastry shop in Filipino. This bakery bakes fresh breads starting in the morning, wherein their first baked product is the pandesal. Pandesal is the most well-known breakfast bread in the Philippines. It comes from the Spanish word meaning “Salt Bread” and it has a soft texture and light crust on the top of it. Pandesal is best when served hot and freshly baked from the oven which is why many workers love to eat this while they commute to their work.

In the afternoon, breads that are baked often have more sugar content. One of these is Ensaymada. Ensaymada is a coiled bread with sugar and cheese sprinkles on it. Filipinos love this dessert, which you can find in your local panderia to more mainstream bakeries like Red Ribbon and Goldilocks. Pan de Coco is another bread best for merienda (Merienda is known as both a morning snack and afternoon snack). This is soft round bread filled with sweet coconut filling made with sugar, butter, and grated coconut. This is also best to partner with soft drinks or coffee during an afternoon break.

Spanish Bread is another favourite sweet bread of Filipinos. It has a similar texture to pandesal but is rolled like a croissant, filled with breadcrumbs, butter, and sugar. It is also nice to pair with sodas. Construction workers also enjoy this bread during their afternoon breaks. Lastly, one of the well-known meriendas from pastry shops in the Philippines is cheese bread. It has an intensified colour and this bread is denser, sweeter, milkier with sweet cheese granules.

As you notice, Filipino loves sweet bread. This can be harmful in the long term because it can cause diabetes which is an illness known worldwide. That is why stevia sweetener is a great alternative to sugar for pastry shops to use without sacrificing the quality and taste of the bread.

Fact about Stevia Sweetener

Sweet and fit Stevia BrandStevia in other parts of the globe has already been used as a sugar substitute for years. According to the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), high purity steviol glycosides, an extract of the stevia plant, is considered generally safe for use in food. Stevia has no calories, and it is 200 times sweeter than sugar in the same concentration. Stevia sweetener is the best for Food and Beverage Businesses looking for an organic alternative to sugar. If you are a diabetic person, I guaranteed that you will love this and it makes you healthy and fit.

Where to Buy Stevia Sweetener?

The first stevia dietary supplement produced and certified by the Food and Drug Administration in the Philippines was produced by Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation (GIDC) Philippines. GIDC is the first stevia supplier in the Philippines established in 2004. Being the first certified and original best tasting stevia in the Philippines, they are the most reliable stevia supplier in the Philippines.

In 2009, GIDC introduced Sweet and Fit, the best tasting stevia in the market. Sweet and Fit Stevia is also used in other Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation products, such as Glorious Blend Coffee Mixes, Sweet and Fit Tea, and Sweet and Fit Stevia Chocolate. They also conduct stevia toll manufacturing. It is the best and easiest way for you to incorporate stevia into your food business. If you want to buy Sweet and Fit stevia, click here.

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