Stay Warm this Season with Domino’s Hottest Pizza Yet

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Food Finds Asia | Stay Warm this Season with Domino’s Hottest Pizza Yet | It’s that time of year again when colder temperatures start rolling in as the Christmas season nears. With rain also falling more frequently, we try our best to find ways to keep comfortable and stay dry and warm. Domino’s Pizza already delivers hot and fresh pizza, but they are bringing the heat with the introduction of the new Jalapeño Popperoni Pizza.

The Hottest Pizza: Domino’s Pizza Jalapeño Popperoni

The Jalapeño Popperoni Pizza is a limited edition pizza available from now until November 16 that caters to the Filipino’s love of spicy food such as Bicol Express, Laing, and Sizzling Sisig. Fittingly, the Jalapeño Popperoni is part of the Domino’s Finest category as it uses only the best quality ingredients available. These include Domino’s signature fresh dough, pepperoni, mushrooms, and of course, jalapeños. It truly is unlike anything else available on the market today.

The Jalapeño Popperoni is available in 10” and 14” variants costing Php 299 and Php 569 respectively.

Domino’s Delivers Fresh, Delicious, and Guaranteed Safe Pizza

Domino Pizza Philippines continues to follow the necessary protocols to ensure the safety of its customers and staff. These precautions include frequent sanitation of high-contact areas including food preparation areas, door handles, Domino’s hot bags, and delivery bikes. Store members also wash their hands more frequently, and pizza remains contact-free once it leaves the oven.

For pizza that is fresh, delicious, and guaranteed safe, dial 8997-3030 or visit the Domino’s Pizza Philippines website. To know more about store schedules or if you wish to contact your desired Domino’s Pizza branch directly, visit this link. You can also follow Domino’s on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest from Domino’s.