Starting a Food Business the Easier Way With Pedicart Rentals

Pedicart Rentals

Pedicart Rentals basically sounds like the name itself, a concept in which pedicarts are being rented. But what for?


Ever since food parks have taken over empty lots all over Manila and in many cities around the country, the same style and approach are just being presented by food business owners, right? It’s almost the same food, same presentation, same price, and even the same brand name for most food park concessionaires. If you are an entrepreneur who plans on jumping on the bandwagon with a brand new stall in a food park, learn to weigh your options.


Though food parks have become venues to gather barkadas, office buddies, and even families to get a different culinary experience from a themed food park, the hype really doesn’t last long. If you are into the more convenient options, then why not have your food business in a cart, or better yet, in a cart on wheels?


Pedicart Rentals, a new business concept by Mr. Anthony Agpoon, gives an opportunity for would-be entrepreneurs to put up their own food business by renting a stationary cart or pedicab. As street food continues to become a people’s favorite because of the many choices it offers to the customers, this concept provides a business owner the freedom to choose the type of food he would like to sell, as they would only have to rent the physical stall or cart alone.


With Pedicart Rentals, it’s either you rent for short-term at 3 months minimum or long-term at 12 months minimum. Of course, the rate is cheaper for the long-term rent, with payment options such as cash or via bank deposit.


All sorts of businesses could be put up through a pedicart rental, especially when we’re talking about food. From burgers, sisig, fishballs, ihaw-ihaw, potato fries, dimsum, ice cream, or hotdogs, you can already start a business with just a low capital, plus the rental fee for the cart. Besides, you wouldn’t need to worry about additional costs for the location anymore because a food cart can be moved easily from one place to another, especially if it is on a pedicab. All you have to do is find the perfect spot where there is small competition, and where most of your target customers are.


Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced foodpreneur, renting out a food cart could be one of your viable and most affordable options, given the advantages mentioned above. If you are interested in renting a stationary cart or pedicab today, please visit Pedicart Rentals on Facebook or contact Pedicart Rentals at 09661346901/09087216094/09082631151.