How to Start Your Bakery Business


By: Ana Margarita Olar|| How to Start Your Bakery Business | Bread is always a part of everyday food, especially pan de sal. From the farmer who wakes up early to plow the field, to the office worker who’s too busy to prepare breakfast, pan de sal and other bread is the most picked option. So if you are thinking of starting up a bakery business, here are some tips:

Learn how to bake.

First things first. Don’t just plunge into the bakery business without the basic knowledge of baking, otherwise, you might just run in circles with your hired bakers. The best baking courses are offered by flour mills as part of their marketing strategy. Get in touch with local flour mills to know their training schedule. You can also enroll in a baking course offered by TESDA.

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Start small.

This is true even when you’ve got a large chunk of money, or on a tight business budget. It is safer to start small. If the business grows, you can expand easily since you have the experience. This is better than starting big, and shrinking later. Buy ingredients, get types of equipment and hire employees suited to the volume of bread that you want to produce every day. Remember that you must not produce more than you can sell on an everyday basis.

Be hands-on in running your bakery from choosing the ingredients, marketing strategies, product improvement, and choosing the location of your store.

Choose your location wisely.

Food businesses like bakery business with perishable goods depend on high human traffic. Choose a location where people will most likely come and go such as near schools, hospital, marketplace, or bus terminal.

Sell the type of bread that suits your target market.

If your bakery business is interested in catering a coffee shop, then you can sell luxury pastries. But if you are if you are serving a common crowd, serve bread that suits their taste and their budget as well such as pan de sal, monay, tasty breads, ensaymada etc. Now, if you want, you can try to produce luxury bread within your target market’s budget.

Don’t forget to make your bakery business legal.

Obtain the necessary permits and license to operate such as sanitary permit, and business permit. If you have seminar’s regarding baking, you can also display it to add to your credibility.

Remember that you and your employees are one team.

Your employees can make or break your business. So first, hire your employees wisely, see to it that they are fit, adhere to cleanliness (since they will be handling food product) and that they also love their work. Otherwise, you’ll end up with bread with hair on it, (and who knows what else).

Starting any business is not simple. It is challenging and requires your effort, knowledge, and trust in yourself.