Sprout: From Thesis to Reality

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Irene Tria | FoodFindsAsia

Sprout started back in 2008 as a college thesis which 7 years later become a reality. A to-go retail food concept but freshly prepared is definitely timely in a fast-paced city in the metro.

The gourmet grocery store’s objective is to prove that convenient meals can be also healthy and fresh by creating dishes using locally sourced ingredients that are all made daily, in-house, and from scratch.

(c) sprout ph
(c) sproutph

Sprout is the answer to all people-on-the-go who wants a quick and naturally made food that guarantees freshness and healthy at the same time. They have created recipes that are freshly made every day for weight loss, indulgence and every day clean eating.

In a daily basis, they produce 50 different items in various quantities: from fresh juices to sandwiches, wraps to grain bowls, and salads. All items are prepared from scratch in the morning and are delivered before the opening of the store. We handle our food with care and believe you should know what goes into it, so we package and label each item in house with full nutritional information available.

(c) sproutph
(c) sproutph

They know fresh and good food can go bad quickly, so they aim to reduce the time that food spends in their pots and pans to when it reaches their customer’s hands. This is why Sprout is dedicated to creating our menu items fresh every morning, to be delivered to our outlets twice a day.

Also they partner with farms and purveyors of produce that is all natural, as we find it very important to keep the integrity of our ingredients as well as contribute to local farming and distribution communities. They use a wide array of suppliers who deliver to us only the best produce in the country.

(c) sproutph
(c) sproutph

The Sprout team are always hard at work developing new menu items and seasonal ideas that will cater to a wider variety of palates. Most of the items on the menu are inspired by friends, family, our produce partners, and the local community – that’s YOU. That way we ensure that the food we put out is the food people want.

We believe eating well should come naturally, and good food should be honest. We care about what goes into your bodies, that’s why it’s so important for us to give accurate information on what goes into our food. Our labels are designed to make it easy for you to identify the kind of product you’ve chosen, as well as highlight its nutritional content.

Overall, Sprout is all about balance, giving their customers utmost fresh experience and continuously come up with fresh recipes.

So why choose SPROUT?

  1. For their freshest products.
  2. They are your healthy living resources.
  3. They offer healthy living for less.