Spotlight on Carmen’s Best Fab Five!


Carmen’s Best Ice Cream is introducing two new flavors and would like to highlight three other flavors that have been gaining a lot of attention. The new flavors are: Vietnamese Coffee and Milk Tea. The three flavors they would like to highlight are: Secret Breakfast, Turkish Baklava, and He’s Not Worth It.

Vietnamese Coffee is one of the two new flavors to come out. It’s made with Vietnamese coffee beans and a touch of condensed milk, just how Vietnamese coffee is served. Its staff was trained by a Vietnamese national on how to properly steep the coffee before mixing it into the ice cream.

Milk Tea is the other new flavor. Since a few years ago, the market for milk tea has exploded. Makers of Carmen’s Best would like people to try its version of milk tea, made in ice cream form. If you love milk tea, this is a must flavor for you to try!

Turkish Baklava is not a question… It’s a flavor they had for over two years. But since not many people know what Baklava is, it’s best to explain what it is. Baklava is a rich dessert that originates in the Middle East. It’s a sweet pastry made of layers of filo with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with honey. If that makes your mouth water, you HAVE to try the Turkish Baklava Ice Cream!

Secret Breakfast is the top selling flavor of Humphry Slocombe ice cream parlor in San Francisco. It’s made with bourbon and corn flake bits… thus the name Secret Breakfast. No need to fly to San Francisco to try out this flavor. Check out Carmen’s Best version of Secret Breakfast!

He’s Not Worth It is a flavor that is fast gaining popularity since this flavor was introduced over a year ago, it has slowly gotten in to top selling flavors. This dark chocolate, heavy with nuts and fudge, is the perfect companion for those that need an instant “pick-up”! Also known as the ice cream for the broken hearts, check it out and find out why so many people are buying this flavor.

(L-R ) Vietnamese Coffee, He's Not Worth It, Secret Breakfast, Milk Tea, and Turkish Baclava
(L-R ) Vietnamese Coffee, He’s Not Worth It, Secret Breakfast, Milk Tea, and Turkish Baclava

Known for high quality and edgy flavors, Carmen’s Best has slowly but surely created a cult following! This is because the quality of its ice cream is never compromised. They even have some restaurants in Hong Kong offering their ice cream!

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream has won a number of awards including Best Choice Artisinal Ice Cream Brand; overall winner in OAP (Our Awesome Planet) Ultimate Taste Test; and cited in the Manila Survival Guide’s Five best Artisinal Ice Cream Brands.

Carmen’s Best is served in all business class international outbound flight of Philippine Airlines.