Simple Yet Beautiful Cake Decoration Ideas

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FoodFindsAsia | Simple Yet Beautiful Cake Decoration Ideas |

Do you love cakes?

Well, we all do! The thing is that cakes are tasty, but they should also look beautiful, whether in an extravagant way or a simple way. While the extravagant way of decorating a cake and making it beautiful should be left to the expert bakers because they know the art well, we thought some easy, quick, and beautiful ways of decorating cakes at home would be appreciated by you. After all, you can also click the pictures to post on your social media handles and can make short-form videos too. 

We don’t know how many of you know how to bake, so we suggest you get a simple cake from a good bakery and then give it the influence of your art.

So, let’s go!

Let Chocolates Be The Attraction

We all love eating chocolates, and they are available in different variants like milk chocolate, sugar-free chocolate, dark chocolate, mildly dark chocolate, and more. Decorating a cake with chocolate adds some intense flavour to it, along with brown beauty. You can order chocolate cakes from Floweraura cake bakery to take inspiration. Here are some cake decorating ideas using chocolate:

  • Arrange cake sticks around the side of the cake without any gap in between.
  • Crush the chocolate into pieces and just sprinkles them on top of the cake.
  • Stick two or three crunchy chocolate bars in the middle of the cake.
  • You can stock up on different types of chocolate truffles on top of the cake to make it a choco-land.

Arrange The Cherries

Cherries are such juicy, tasty, and beautiful items to gallop. And there is a reason why many bakers use them to make their cakes look beautiful. You can make any simple cake look eye-pleasing by topping it with cherries. Here are different ways to use cherries for cake decoration:

  • Place three cherries together on top of the centre of the cake and garnish them with crushed coconut.
  • Cover half of the cake with cherries.
  • Precisely placing the cherries on the outer edge of the cake top at a specific distance.
  • Cut a piece covering the top and the side of the cake and fill it with cherries.

Bring The Chocolate GEMS

As kids or as adults, we all have eaten chocolate GEMS. They are colourful, crunchy, and chocolaty. And using GEMS to decorate cakes is something that most bakers do. If you want to make a cake look beautiful by yourself, then you can use them too. Let us tell you how you can use GEMS to decorate a cake.

  • Carefully and precisely make a hole in the cake and keep the cut part of the cake intact. Hide the GEMS inside and put the layer back. Place a few GEMS on top.
  • You can create an initial of your name or the person for whom you got the cake using GEMS.
  • Cover the top of the cake fully with colourful chocolate GEMS.
  • Create little mountains of GEMS on top of the cake. Dip the GEMS in mildly sugar liquid before putting them on the cake so that they can stick together.

Embrace The Essence Of Real Flowers

Yes, you read it right! Flowers are the most beautiful magic of mother nature. Using flowers to decorate cakes is now a trend, and most wedding cakes today have a touch of real flowers. You should pick an edible flower so that it can be part of the cake in the truest form.

  • Get a simple and plain cream cake. You can buy cake online in Delhi from a trusted bakery brand and can decorate it by inserting a single red rose on top.
  • You can take the petals and place them abstractly on top of the cake.
  • You can put the petals on the side of the cake to cover it completely with flower beauty.
  • You can use different types of full-blooming flowers to add a feel of a bouquet to the cake.

These were really simple yet beautiful cake-decorating ideas that you can try at home. Using colour sprinkles, dry fruits, candied fruits, and cocoa powder are also good options to make your cake look beautiful. 

Go for it!

FoodFindsAsia | Simple Yet Beautiful Cake Decoration Ideas |