Sidewalk Bistro: Your Affordably Tasty Burger House!

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Looking for a spot to chill outside Metro Manila while savoring to your favorite comfort food? Exactly 59.08km south of the Metro, a burger house promises to satisfy your craving with affordable prices is waiting just for you. Owned by the Manalo family of Tanauan City, Batangas, Sidewalk Bistro is a burger house that serves deliciously good tasting food made with quality ingredients in the city. This 6-month old baby is currently located along JP Laurel Road. The Manalo family also owned the oldest pancitan (55 years old to be exact!) in Tanauan which is one of the local’s pride and glory.

From the store to its dishes, Sidewalk Bistro was conceptualized by the Manalo family. Every detail, whether it is big or small, was carefully crafted for the customers’ convenience without going far from their original street concept. Check out Manhattan’s busy streets and its magnificent skyline on their walls and ceiling.

Aside from sticking to Sidewalk Bistro’s concept, the Manalo family also sees to it that a little bit of their family is presented in their burger house. How? Through that cute wall they have which is actually a creative cute way to have a family portrait. If you are curious what the story of the wall is, you can hang out often there and enjoy their dishes. You might bump into tita Luz and she will tell you the story.

Being natural foodies, the family has been to different restaurants in across Asia. Their menu is a mix and match of dishes they have tried for the past years. One of their distinguished burger is their Garden Fresh Burger (P150) which is composed of a quarter pounder beef patties and veggies such as lettuces, onions, tomatoes and cucumber sandwiched in a special bun. Yes, the bun is specially made for Sidewalk Bistro’s burger. You should not just watch out for their buns but also for their potato wedges which is partnered with a special dip which taste like Germany’s curry catsup. If you find their dip a bit strong, don’t worry because they also serve our local catsups. Just head to the counter and ask for it.

Garden Fresh Burger
Garden Fresh Burger

We all loved pesto pastas, but ever heard of a pesto sandwich? In Sidewalk Bistro, their Chicken Pesto (P140) is a must try. In between their special foot long bun is a pesto based sauce prepared with tender chicken strips and cheesy cheese slices that would simply make you want more. Here is one tip we have discovered: if you want to taste the chicken more, try dipping it with their special sauce (the one they used for their potato wedges). Pesto perfect!

Chicken Pesto
Chicken Pesto

Another part of their menu is their pastas. Sidewalk Bistro offers three different pasta dishes in their menu. One of them is their Barcelona Pasta (P90) which is made from premium Spanish sardines with black olives topped with parmesan cheese. Served with their special toasted bread, their Barcelona Pasta will surely leave you wanting more.

Barcelona Pasta
Barcelona Pasta

Some would say that a hundred is too pricey for a burger or a pasta dish, but believe me! It is all worth it because Sidewalk Bistro uses premium ingredients which can be bought from premium stores. 55 years in the food industry made them realized one important thing: NEVER COMPROMISE WITH THE QUALITY OF YOUR FOOD. And they never did! With the kind of taste, food and service they provide, surely you would keep on coming back.

The Manalo family plans to further update their menu. Currently, they are working on a top secret burger recipe that they want to introduce soon enough to the public. Talk about innovation! Watch out for the (VERY SOON!) additional dishes on their menu.

So what are you waiting for? If you are on your Batangas escapade, or want to go out of the busy streets of Metro Manila, or just want to taste something new, head to Southern Luzon and drop by at Sidewalk Bistro – your affordably tasty burger house!

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