Sharing good times at Don Henrico’s


Filipinos greatly value family and friends in any occasion. Whether gathering to simply chat, stroll in the mall, or an exciting out-of-town trip, becomes special whenever it is spent in the company of loved ones and friends. And such gatherings will never be completed without the food.

From the time it opened in November 1993 in Session Road, Baguio City by a young entrepreneur that thought of making pastas, pizzas and Italian cuisine suited to the Philippines palate.

Don Henrico’s has always been an ideal place for the family or the barkada to come together and relish sumptuous meals. Its founder has talent of combining ingredients to create new tastes and appetizing inventions.

At first, the founder was just looking for something that would click in Baguio. Aware of so many universities in the area, he thought of opening an outlet for pizza and, eventually pasta. That’s where the company got its slogan “Pizza, Pasta & More”. The restaurant’s name “Don Henrico” is the Italianized version of his name.

Although there were better established pizza-pasta restaurants already, the founder believes that there is still a room for his growing restaurant. And he was right, Don Henrico’s stood out from the pack and moved down from it’s mountain hide-away to conquer Manila’s taste buds after thousands through word-of-mouth recommendations.

At Don Henrico’s, one can enjoy a wide selection of pizza and pasta dishes that brilliantly combine flavors of two or more types of cuisine. And this is made even better with generously huge options!

Don Henrico’s has bigger-than-usual pizzas. The “small” is ten (10) inches in diameter, and heaped with toppings that is not small at all. A medium Don Henrico’s pizza is fourteen (14) inches in diameter which is the “large” size of the other brands. A large pizza of Don Henrico’s is eighteen (18) inches wide that can even accommodate a group of twelve (12) people. Don Henrico’s now serving 4XL Pizza, it’s a 32” pizza that can serve even a crowd of thirty and more!

don henricos

Pasta servings are meant for two (2) or even three (3) hungry adults. And for sure, you have heard the biggest Buffalo Wings in town! Calzone and desserts are big enough to satisfy any hungry giant. All servings are BIG and meant for SHARING.

Don Henrico’s restaurants are always warm, comfortable, very casual and unpretentious. Family-style dining is the name of the game, as everyone gets to dig into the hefty servings laid on the table. The feasting is always punctuated with happy stories and banter. And when the smoke clears, quite a number are amazed to see food to spare! The servers gamely pack these up for the guests to bring home.

Good food, value prices and great parties! These have made Don Henrico’s grow in just a few years. The little restaurant in Baguio’s Session Road now spans Metro Manila, Rizal and Cebu City. Don Henrico’s will continue to share more good times and big, big servings to satisfy every guest that would visit any of its restaurants.

Don Henrico’s will continue to expand its wing these coming years as we continue to deliver customer satisfactions through our Vision Mission Values (VMV).