Seven Best Wine Vacations in the World

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Food Finds Asia| Seven Best Wine Vacations in the World |Not all wine vacations have to be expensive. Today, there are hundreds of wine destinations that are bound to give you a fantastic experience without giving you a run for your money. With the likes of Bordeaux, Cape Town, and even historic cities like Armenia, when it comes to quality wine, the choices seem to be endless. And, while places like the Napa Valley or Tuscany have been in the limelight for quite some time now, you should still make it a point not to forget other big names. Let’s do a rundown of seven best wine vacations in the world-
  1. The Big Names of Hunter Valley
Hunter Valley in Australia is probably the best wine destination that there is on the planet. It has some of the biggest names in Shiraz, including McGuigan, Stonehurst, and McWilliams, and its proximity to Sydney is a vantage point for tourists and wine enthusiasts. The place is that it lies inside Australia, and so, it can get hot quickly. But the conditions make it the perfect choice for wine, and those who love it won’t be let down. 2. The Vineyards of Napa and Sonoma Valleys: A Place for Novices While the Hunter Valley in Australia can be an excellent destination for wine-lovers, wait till you hear what the Napa Valley in California has got in store for you. You can expect no less than exotic wine tours in a place that harbors Hollywood and Disneyland, where you will get to witness 400 different types of wineries. There is also another 200-odd winery that lies close to the Napa Valley, in the surrounding Sonoma Valley. It is a treat for those who want to know everything they can about the production of wine. The Sonoma Valley is one of those places on the earth that consists of big players in the wine industry, such as Inglenook, Mondavi, Domaine Chandon, and Clos du Val. The location is best known to produce some exquisite Chardonnay and Zinfandel along with the best Champagne that you can get. 3. Get to Taste the Sumptuous Red Wine of Bordeaux If you are looking for a place that offers exquisite Remy Martin XO and delicious red wine, this wine destination is just for you. Bordeaux is a wine destination in France exclusively known for producing red wine. The cabernet sauvignon and merlot are an all-time favorite among wine-enthusiasts and tourists alike, and Bordeaux offers a blend of both.
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4. Alentejo, Portugal: The Biggest Name When It Comes to Vine With eight registered and denominated winery regions, Alentejo in Portugal has over 250 producers of wine and is one of the most formidable wine-growing areas of the place. The three main types of soil found in Alentejo are the granitic, calciferous, and the Mediterranean Red and all the three are the best when it comes to producing wine. The city once had three different wine routes, merged into one, resulting in the existing soil conditions. Borba is another place in Portugal that has small inns which the locals call ‘Tasca.’ And November is one of the best times of the year to visit the place and witness some wineries at work and get to try their samples and local delicacies.
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5. Don’t Think of Just Kona Beer When You Visit Hawaii In March, the Four Seasons Resort at Maui in Hawaii hosts its Wine and Food Classic festival. The festivities go on for three days straight and invites some top wine enthusiasts to the island to do some tasting and host dinner parties. And on the outside of the hotel, there is a Maui Wine, also known as the Napa Valley of Hawaii, that offers tourists some wine to taste and take them on wine tours and ocean views. 6. Visit the Nine Islands of Azores

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The Nine Islands of Azores lie off the coast of Portugal, some 800 miles away. Here, you get to view mesmerizing sights and landscapes, not to mention ancient fishing villages. You also get to go on thrilling mountain bike ride adventures. But if you are looking for wine tours, then you have got to visit Pico, also known as the ‘Island of Wines.’ The wines, protected by the volcanic rock soils and walls, are a sight that will surely get you hooked.  The tour takes you on adventurous rides through the Azores Getaways once you have sipped your way around the islands. The islands of Azores are also one of the few places housing the highest peak in the whole of Portugal. 7. Go on the Best Wine Vacation in Tuscany
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Known world-over for its Chianti, Tuscany lures more wine-seekers due to its picturesque landscape filled with hills and vineyards of all kinds. But what sets this wine capital truly apart is the Castello del Trebbio, a palatial winery house from the times of Florence Nightingale. Visit this place for an astounding experience. Wine destinations around the world can be a win situation for wine-lovers. They are everywhere from British Columbia to South America and come at affordable prices too. Wine tours are a cloud nine for people who love and live wine. And, when they come cheap, it’s more than just a treat. So, where are you going for your next wine tour? Image Source