SEO vs. Social Media: Which is Better for your Restaurant

SEO vs Social Media Which is better for your Restaurant - Food Finds Asia

Restaurants nowadays are booming because of the digital era. According to Patrick John Bito-on, Chief Marketing Officer of Top Rank SEO Philippines, one of the keys to the success of marketing for a restaurant is the keywords that they use for their branding. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, can help produce good keywords. Though Social Media has a role in amplifying the brand, there is a reason why SEO is essential in an overall marketing campaign. There are a lot of things to consider when marketing a restaurant, but these tips can help point restaurant owners in the right direction.


1. Content Property

Nowadays, most if not all companies and businesses have a presence on Social Media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Does your restaurant also have a Facebook page? If it does, be careful, because this might actually be a con. Putting all your content on just social media is something that you might come to regret. What if in the near future, the social media platform you currently use shuts down? What if its terms and conditions suddenly change, and your content ends up being blocked for reasons unclear to you? The problem with depending on a Social Media platform is that you are at the mercy of those who manage the platform. You will always have to answer to someone else, and your content is never truly yours. To prevent this, it is best to have a backup plan: your own property. The solution is to have your own website, something you have full control over and something that cannot be taken away from you. To maximize this property, you need SEO. It is a long-tailed solution that follows certain steps that will help your restaurant and property (website) be known by the public.


2. The credibility of your Restaurant

Let’s say you have a Facebook page, then a customer visits it to know more about your menu. If the customer wants to order your food or reserve a table online, that type of functionality is not fully available in Facebook. However, if you have your own website, you can entertain such requests. The website also helps reinforce the credibility of your restaurant. Often, customers will question the credibility of a restaurant if they search for it online and do not find a website they can refer to. To help with this, SEO helps amplify your website in a Search Engine, specifically Google. Having your own website and blog will help increase your presence in search and online in general, increasing what a customer can see about you. The more information they have easy access to, the easier it is for them to trust your brand and its credibility.


3. Outshine your Competition

When your competition does not have its own website or SEO, you should. Remember, if your competition is not seen in search engine results but you are, you immediately have an advantage. You gain visibility over the competition and get to outshine them rather than hide behind their shadow.


Ensuring your website is optimized for search is essential in improving the awareness of your restaurant. The good thing is, SEO is both cost-effective and measurable. If you are looking for an SEO service provider, contact Top Rank SEO Philippines.

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