Seafood Fried Rice with Tonkatsu

Seafood Fried Riceby Chef Zhe Jacinto

Seafood Fried Rice with Tonkatsu


– Cooked rice, 4 cups
– Shrimp, ¼ kl peeled
– Crabstick, 2-3 pcs
– Eggs, 2 scrambled
– Sesame oil, 3 tbsp
– Carrot
– Bellpepper
– Soy sauce
– Porkloin, 2 pcs
– Oil
– breadcrumbs


1. Heat oil in pan on medium heat and fry the pork with breadcrumbs
2. In a separate skillet heat the sesame oil and sauté bellpepper, carrots, shrimp and crabsticks
3. Add rice, soy sauce and scrambled eggs and sprinkled with spring onions
4. Put the seafood rice in a bowl and top with tonkatsu