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In this era where food is your new best buddy, more and more food places and restos uniquely themed and designed to satisfy both the experience and your taste buds have emerged. One of these budding food place is located just above a car wash at 41-A N. Domingo Cor. Gilmore, Brgy. Valencia, QC, which serves your comfort food to another level! We give you the resto that would power-up your taste buds – MEGAWATT.

Because of their ultimate love for food, this group of foodie barkada decided to open up the first power-plant themed restaurant in QC last February which features mouth-watering Mexican cuisine. Their concept was simple and eco-friendly: to be the first themed-resto that would use sustainable energy in the Metro.

To tag along their “power-plant” theme, industrial touches such as concrete walls, the orange colors, panel-like tables and battery-shaped chairs are incorporated and used for the interior. Two 250-watt solar panels light up their dangling lights to support E-energy, and recyclable utensils and cups are used to stick with their “eco-friendly” advocacy. Even the blue jumpsuit and hardhat get-up of their crew perfectly suits their theme. Two-thumbs up!

MEGAWATT Pizza Chicken Burrito
blue jumpsuit and hardhat get-up of their crew
Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken
recyclable utensils to stick with their “eco-friendly”
Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken
battery-shaped chairs
Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken
industrial touches

Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken

A good place is not only what MEGAWATT offers. It also gives tons of electrifyingly good food! Their menu is designed specifically by the owners themselves, that is why you can find yummy random food combinations that would leave you wanting more. Their eye-catching names ranges from OHM-nion Rings to  which is definitely not the equation of Einstein’s theory of special relativity but their very own Energy = Megawatt Coffee (P65). Cool and catchy right? Well, it surely is for me.

The place’s specialties are actually pizza, chicken and burritos (it’s in their name people!) And naturally, we get to try these tasteful dishes.

We started with the MEGAWATT PLATTER (P285) which includes French-cut crispy fries, OHM-nion rings, Mozzarella tots, and chicken pops partnered with their special dips garlic mayo, sun dried tomato ketchup and jalapeno. The platter is simply irresistible and the smell of freshly fried fries will linger to your taste buds!

Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken

Next, we tried their Chick & Chips (P268). It is served with  deep-fried boneless crispy chicken thighs and fries. To add a little flavor, you can always ask for their dips. Combine it with the dish and surely you will love it! You can also order in 3, 4 or 6 pieces.

Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken

For their pizza, we get to try their delectable Seafood Garlic Pizza (P318). Indulge yourself with the intoxicating taste combination of scallops, squid, shrimp and fish oozing with a special white sauce. Top your pizza with their jalapeno or sundried tomato ketchup, and you’ll surely love it!

Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken

MEGAWATT’s Crunchy Mushroom Melt (P295) is one beautiful and irresistible mess. You will surely enjoy every bite of its two quarter-pounder patties with breaded mozzarella cheese, bacon, caramelized onion and mushroom. Pair it with their fries and say hello to paradise!

Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken

The resto also calls out for avid fans and collectors of toys, shoes, watches and more. You can purchase different collectibles in store. Check out the Iron Man figures and those Batman key chains! What’s the catch? You can get discounted price!Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, Chicken

But wait there’s more, FoodFindsAsia was privileged to munch on MEGAWATT’s latest addition to their menu, the MEGAWATT Chicken Sandwich. Crunchy chicken fillet served on a hamburger bun with melted cheese oozing with flavor that will make you go for another round.Megawatt Pizza, Burrito, ChickenTruly, it is no ordinary burger-slash-pizza-slash-chicken place. Bring your squad or the fam, and indulge in good-tasting pizza, chicken and burritos while enjoying the energetic atmosphere they bring you. Next time you head to QC instead of going somewhere else, just say WATT… and yes, go to MEGAWATT.

Megawatt Pizza, Burritos, Chicken
Say WATT??? #FoodFindsAsia choose MEGAWATT!!!

MEGAWATT is now all powered-up to serve you! Located at 41-A N. Domingo Corner Gilmore, Valencia comes an electrifying eat-while-you-wash dining concept.