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Established in April of this year, Ap’s Food Crave is an experimental project of Jonathan Francisco and his wife to create a western-style deep-fried dish with a twist. That from their household recipe, they have created an original recipe that captured not only their family and friend’s palate but also their customers who have tried their delectable creation. Also, he wanted to have a “masa” but a bit high-end type of food hub in Las Piñas.

Ap's Food Crave
Sandy and Jonathan Francisco owner of Ap’s Food Crave

What makes Ap’s unique?

Jonathan: We offer a different taste of breading with a twist.


A: Although we are using one breading recipe for all our deep-fried breaded dish (liempo, wings and porkchop) you will notice that each dish has it’s own distinct taste and texture while eating. (try it to believe it)

Meet Craver – Deep Fried in Western Breading

Original: P68
Crunch: P75

1. Pork Chop

Pork Chop Original: P68 Crunch: P75

2. Pork Liempo

Ap's Food Crave

3. Chi-Wings

Ap's Food Crave

But aside from their tasty western style deep-fried dish, what makes Ap’s food crave unique from other food hub is their respect for the other religion. Jonathan is aware that not everyone eat pork, that is why, they replaced their rib’s eye with their delicious rehashed original tapa for an option.

Ap's Food Crave

Ap’s also serve burger craver with 100% beef, an original recipe patty that has been a best seller to all the students who hang around for merienda.

Ap's Food Crave


And because Ap’s Food Crave value safe and healthy food serving, they were able to create their own recipe without using additives, spices, and other over-the-counter food mixtures without sacrificing it’s savory taste.

Just like their bulalo soup (flavorful clear broth made the bone that contains the marrow).

Ap's Food Crave


Original Gravy Recipe

Ap's Food Crave

Best for Merienda, the Ap’s Burp Extra

Goto Ap’s with boiled egg -P38

Ap's Food Crave


Tokwa King – P15

Ap's Food Crave


Leche Flan – P35

Ap's Food Crave


Now it’s time for you to refresh with Ap’s House Mixed Drinks available in three flavors: Pandan Iced Tea, Citrus Moringa in Cucumber and Rasberry with Strawberry.

Single: P28    Barkada: P105

Ap's Food Crave


Why should we visit Ap’s?

Jonathan: If you want to satisfy your craving and dig in to a unique western-style serving, then Ap’s is the best place to be.

Ap’s Food Crave is open from 11:30 am to 12:30 daily.