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The District of Malate is known to be the center for commerce and tourism in Manila and as time passes by it is continuously transforming itself as the center of recreation and entertainment for Manila with more restaurants, boutiques, bars, discos and novelty stores opening for business.

From the old street name Nebraska, this restaurant which incorporates the traditional dishes with a little tweaks to make it also appealing to foreign guests, aims to bring back the warmth and cordiality of the old Malate.

Braska is a comfortable space that inspires conversation and a good time-whether one is with the family, friends, business associate or with someone special says Mark Abellon, restaurant brand director.

Also Braska’s ambiance is relaxing which is perfect for a family lunch and dinner.  The color of stone, punctuated by few decorative wall installations offers a cool and quiet space for elevenses, and at night, the low lights invite intimate dinners, or an unhurried drink at the bar, or cocktails with friends.

Relaxing ambiance which is perfect for a family lunch and dinner
The color of stone punctuated by few decorative wall installations offers a cool and quiet space for elevenses
The low lights invite intimate dinners, or an unhurried drink at the bar, or cocktails with friends

With a little modification of the traditional and popular Filipino food, Braska’s able to come up with dishes that has a balance old and new; nostalgic flavor yet still presents a spirit of freshness and novelty.

Braska’s Executive Sous Chef Poch Hogar created a menu that will stir the memory and inspire the taste buds at the same time. Here are her unique offerings during Braska media launch:

For Cocktail

Sweet Potato Shoestring Fritters and Sangria

For Breakfast

According to Chef Hogar, the Guava Jelly French Toast is one of Braska’s specialties which you won’t find in any other restaurants. It’s a French Toast filled with sweet-tangy guava jelly and served with cream cheese and bacon.

Guava Jelly Bacon & Cream Cheese French Toast

Tropical Waffle – much-loved waffle topped with ripe mango slivers.


Tablea Waffle – chocolate waffle made of tablea with full-bodied flavor of choice cacao topped with ripe mango slivers.


For Salad

Avocado is a staple in many Filipino homes when it’s in season, the fruit is often served as a dessert-mashed with milk and sugar and frozen. But to put a twist on it, Chef Hogar turned it into a refreshing Shrimp Avocado Salad drizzled with the piquant Cilantro Lime Dressing.


For Bar Chow 

Chicken Skin Chicharon
Longganisa Meatballs

For Main 

Adobo Rice with Chicken & Pork Adobo

For Dessert  

Braska’s Calamansi Tartlet. The Calamansi custard is smoothed over golden crust, dusted with confectioner’s sugar and topped with ripe mango slivers.


Choconut Cake
Café Misu
Café Misu

Truly my visit to Malate Manila is quite worthwhile, experiencing Braska’s degustation. BRASKA Restaurant is located at 1669 Bocobo St., Malate Manila.

PHOTOS BY: Amore Bayaton


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