Why Restaurant Team Members Fail to Give Great Customer Service


Ana Margarita A. Olar| Foodfindsasia.com

As a manager, no matter how hard you try to hire a great team of service crew for your restaurant business, there will always be a hard employee within the group.

Take a look at the probable reasons why some restaurant team members fail to give a great customer service:


A restaurant supervisor needs to have a talent and skill in multitasking but definitely not the restaurant service crew.

They need to be focused on a single task only if you want to give a perfect customer service. Their task needs to be clear.

Are they assigned as the cashier, or in the kitchen, or as one of the clean up team? If you are the customer, you wouldn’t want the person who handles your food to be the same person who cleans the toilet for that day would you?


It is an unfortunate truth. Some service crews are staying because they have no other choice or that they just need the money even if they are not satisfied with their pay.

Because they are unhappy with the compensation, the quality of work is below satisfactory and it is the consumers who suffer from poor customer service.


According to Bo Sanchez, you should work as if you are marketing yourself. Unfortunately, not all service crew are aware of this.

Often times they go to work just to let the day pass by and are just waiting to receive their much-needed salary. An unmotivated employee is often unproductive and causes trouble both on the management and the relations with the consumers.

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Any employee cannot give his or her best when they are underpaid and overworked at the same time.

While there are employees that are willing to work overtime for the compensation, be sure that these “overtimes” are divided systemically and based on reality.

This means that the manager should see to it that an employee can give their 100% customer service even it is way beyond their work schedule.


This is also one of the main reasons why resto crews cannot meet customer’s satisfaction. It is because they don’t strive and they don’t have the initiative to take their work to a higher level. They dreaded change and are reluctant to give their best at what they do.

These hindrances are a challenge both to the managers and the employees as well. As the manager, you need to train your employees and empower them. You need to sort their strengths, weaknesses, overconfidence as well as inhibitions.

After all of these efforts and they still don’t meet the standards, then it may be time to hire other employees who can get the job done.